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  1. Tales From The Valleys
    by Ola Lindqvist
  2. Quimera
    by Quimera
  3. Christmas Selection Box
    by I Am The Manic Whale
  4. Mareas
    by Qüassi
  5. On The Way (Free Download)
    by Gary Husband (on MoonJune Records)
  6. King Solomon Suite
    by Xaphan's Bellow
  7. Ups And Downs (HiFi 24-bit)
    by Anti-Elevator Mission
  8. Squeak EP, Vol. 1
    by Squeaky Feet
  9. Parmi les arbres
    by Perséide
  10. Toe Zone
    by Harpo Jarvi
  11. El Insomnio de los Relojes II
    by Jano
  12. Agalma
    by Artem Bemba
  13. Out of the loop
    by Atomic Time
  14. Mouse
    by Aragon
  15. Herring
    by Herring
  16. The Art of Vanishing
    by cirrus bay
  17. The Humanoid Darkness EP
    by Daniel Gillett
  18. Keyboard Music EP
    by Daniel Gillett
  19. Paragram
    by Daniel Gillett
  20. Panic
    by Daniel Gillett