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Diogenes Grief

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  2. Metal
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  1. ManiaCult
    by Aborted
    Drag Me To Hell Drag Me To Hell
  2. War Eternal
    by Arch Enemy
    As The Pages Burn As The Pages Burn
  3. Our Darkest Days
    by Ignite
    Know Your History Know Your History
  4. Carnivore
    by Body Count
    Bum-Rush Bum-Rush
  5. Pain Remains (24-bit HD audio)
    by Lorna Shore
    Into The Earth Into The Earth
  6. Smear Campaign
    by Napalm Death
    When All Is Said And Done When All Is Said And Done
  7. IV: Constitution Of Treason
    by God Forbid
    Constitution Of Treason Constitution Of Treason
  8. rEVOLVEr (Deluxe Edition)
    by The Haunted
    Nothing Right Nothing Right
  9. Bloodlust
    by Body Count
    No Lives Matter No Lives Matter
  10. The Necrotic Manifesto (Bonus Tracks Edition)
    by Aborted
    Coffin Upon Coffin Coffin Upon Coffin
  11. Products Of Abomination
    by Divine Destruction
    The American Dream The American Dream
  12. The Stygian Rose
    by Crypt Sermon
  13. The Devil and The Desert
    by Red Mesa
    The Devil And The Desert The Devil And The Desert
  14. Red Mesa
    by Red Mesa
    One Percenter One Percenter
  15. Die For Us
    by Werewolves
  16. Dismal
    by Burn Down Eden
    Blood Splattered Symphony Blood Splattered Symphony
  17. Hellish Expectations
    Nuclear Savior Nuclear Savior
  18. Chain Reaction, Mass Extinction (EP)
    by Dishönor
    Chain Reaction, Mass Extinction Chain Reaction, Mass Extinction
  19. Wound
    by Despite Exile
    After The Deluge After The Deluge
  20. Defectum Omnium
    The Tale of Unsound Minds The Tale of Unsound Minds