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  1. 3 Ballads of Murdered Mexican Revolutionaries: Aug. 1923 - Jan. 1935
    by Canary Records
  2. Quilted Flowers: 1940s Albanian & Epirot Recordings from the Balkan Label
    by Canary Records
  3. When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time: African-American Gospel, 1939-51
    by Canary Records
  4. True Story of Abner Jay
    by Abner Jay
  5. Recordings
    by Able Noise
  6. Nina Harker
  7. Future Teenage Cave Artists
    by Deerhoof
  8. Für Alina
    by Arvo Pärt
  9. God Bless The Death Drive
    by Triple Negative
  10. autoflower - product 1
    by Joe Coghill
  11. Deep Shadow: Musics of Indochina & Indonesia, 1920s-50s
    by Canary Records
  12. A Better Cure: A Brief History of the Okeh Laughing Record & Its Progeny, 1904-1946
    by Canary Records
  13. Very Sweet: Armenian-American Independent Releases, vol. 2 ca. 1926-29
    by Canary Records
  14. Sure of Surprises: Commercial Recordings of Unaccompanied Captive & Wild Birds from 78rpm Discs, 1913-36 (plus ca. 1949)
    by Canary Records
  15. Oh My Soul: Armenian-American Independent Releases, vol. 1: ca. 1920-25
    by Canary Records
  16. Warm, Coursing Blood
    by Ian Nagoski
  17. 100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55
    by Canary Records
  18. Hata Unacheza: Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar & String Music, ca. 1960s
    by Canary Records
  19. Love is a One-Way Traffic: Groovy East Asian Chicks, 1960s-70s
    by Canary Records
  20. I'm Burning, I'm Burning: Urban Greek Songs, 1933-37
    by Rita Abatzi