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  1. Mango Feedback
    by Four Tet
    Two more monsters from Four Tet’s cache of “unreleased bangers” he warned us about. And what better to accompany the elegance of these sonic stunners than another visual gem from the one and only Jason Evans. Tag Team, back again 🥭🔊
  2. Round
    by Hagop Tchaparian
    There’s something soothing about the flow on this, and similar to his stellar first release, a lot of power that’s balanced with beauty. Field recordings from some of the most ancient places on earth, cover art by a legendary skateboard photographer, and a track played by a GOAT producer and DJ in his Essential Mix. It doesn’t get more “Round,” ahem, full circle than this.
  3. Scythe Master
    by Four Tet
    The way this track transitions from start to finish, covering so many sounds and evoking so many emotions, is just one of the reasons why the tracklist fiends have been working around the clock since Four Tet dropped this in his most recent Essential Mix.
  4. GL / Raining
    by Hagop Tchaparian
    A lot of artists have utilized ancient instruments in their music, but when those native sounds sail through your blood, it just hits different. The zurna intro on “GL” is majestic, the drop at 1:26 is simply filthy, and the change up at the end is the perfect transition into the funked out “Raining.” Four Tet dropping your music in his sets is a co-sign, but signing you to his label is the ultimate co-sign. “Bolts” is set to shake up the scene… you heard "Raining," now take cover for thunder.
  5. Cherry
    by Daphni
    There is a feeling of euphoria when experiencing Daphni’s music, one of joy, freedom, and a lightness of being. “Cloudy” captures that perfectly; the keys, vocals, airiness, it’s all there with notes floating on clouds. Behind the beauty there is clever calculation from the maestro of math, not just in the structure of the music, but even in the release dates of Daphni's albums: October 2012, October 2017, and on October 2022 we get 14 more tracks out of the hundreds in the vault. Buy on sight.
  6. Icons
    by Two Shell
    Two Shell is in a league of its own when it comes to presenting music as an experience with their distinct style, funk, hidden chats, and decoy DJs. They’re masters of manipulating vocals but it’s not just about flipping samples, they’re flipping (off) the entire industry and redefining the metaphysics of music. And the scariest part? They’re just getting started.
  7. Se Rompen
    by Waleed
    This went from “love at first listen” to “on repeat” real quick. It’s amazing that something this good, this polished, with this much play from the heavyweights is the only track available from Waleed. Just one more reason to be excited about the future of music.
  8. bda creature
    by altrice
    From the looks of it, this track set off many dance floors when played by the big DJs. Yet it’s equally effective when listening to it with headphones. The shifting sounds and singer jumping on the track over the bumping bass might be all about timing. And the timing couldn’t be better for altrice to jump on the scene with this stunning first single.
  9. Still / Ha
    by Dance
    Four Tet & Jamie xx played Still in their Essential Mix at the ten minute mark seven years ago, and since then I've been dreaming that it would one day get a release. The power, breakbeats, styles, catchiness, jungle, rave... make this an insanely unique track that is guaranteed to get heads nodding and bodies moving. As much as I can't believe it's finally out, I also can't believe it even exists. A true 1 of 1.
  10. FCUK (Gobekli Remix)
    by laced
    A radiant roller from start to finish with perfectly placed vocal cuts and smooth timings and transitions. Two Shell set off a mix with this track and it's easy to see why the airwaves haven't been the same since.
  11. Jack Chrysalis
    by Jack Chrysalis
    Been hooked on that Chrysalis since his banging Blank Mind release. This self-titled debut builds on the detail and precision he painted on A Kind Robin, and melds more layers to enhance his already lush sound. With stunning standalone tracks like his CloudCore releases or a cohesive composition like this album, Jack Chrysalis continues to impress. One Day is here, and it's on another level.
    by dj lostboi
    dj lostboi is a creator of worlds, a painter of emotions, and an architect of music that is both blissful and engaging. That last part is the hardest to pull off, yet dj lostboi does it again and again on this release. It’s possible to play this at any time, in any mood, and get lost in a sea of beauty and tranquility. Big up Skee Mask for putting me on to dj lostboi, and in turn this otherworldly release that’s full of so many subtle sounds and intricate details. On repeat.
  13. Sunny's Time (Logic1000 Remix)
    by Caribou
    Logic1000 has practically perfected the use of vocals and drums on her own releases, so it’s no surprise she knocks it out the park remixing a track off Caribou’s beautiful album.
  14. Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)
    by Caribou
    Four Tet’s wizardry as a remixing magician is on full display here, especially from 3:45 to 5:45 where he sneaks in a funky electronic jam session before bringing back Caribou’s sparkling vocals. Two of my favorite artists ever on the same track… in a way. Perhaps this is a preview of what’s to come 👀
  15. Looking At Your Pager
    by KH
    22 years after 3LW sang "now you flipped the script, playa please" comes the ultimate flip by KH, the same artist who once flipped Thriller samples into a song in less time than Banksy painted his art. There are many reasons why tracks like these don't come along very often, so play it loud and on all seven continents, since it just might be the eighth wonder of the world.
  16. Only Human
    by KH
    So nice I had to buy it twice, this time for the new cover art (to match Looking At Your Pager) and for the 24-bit quality. What a way for KH to make his Bandcamp debut, a track that more than 1,000 days after its release still sounds stunning and lights up every dancefloor it touches.
  17. DJ DJ
    by YT8K
    A trunk rattling bass bumping banger and the newest reason why heavyweight producers and DJs have been buying up the weekly releases from ᑢᒪᓍᑘᕲᑢᓍᖇᘿ

    ๑ ࿔ ໑ ര ༅ ࿓ 𑇛 ༄ ꩜ 🌀 ꩒ ෙ െ ೕ ೂ
  18. mi7
    by S T I N 𝟡
    Another dazzling release from CloudCore, this time it's S T I N 𝟡 who delivers equal parts power and perfection. A masterful use of vocals and vivid textures to light up any dance floor or home listening session. Along with Two Shell, CloudCore is the other reason why I'm extremely excited about music that's coming out, just listen to their first release by Benomorph to see why. And this one here? It's a heater... proceed with caution.
  19. pinky ring / red velve7
    by Joy Orbison
    These are two of my favorite tracks since the brilliant Off Season / Fuerza release. Whether it's the vocal cuts, catchiness, or all that bass, Joy O's experimentation and varied styles and sounds of the past several years have paid off; and the final product is pure perfection.
  20. Nova/Moth
    by Burial + Four Tet
    You don’t often see two titans at the top of their game collaborate, let alone create something that is as good as or greater than their individual works. At times it’s possible to hear elements from each artist, but the real magic is when you have no idea who did what, except contribute to the production of a piece of art that is regarded as a classic.