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  1. Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix)
    by Caribou
    A vibrant remix that matches its cover in color and warmth. The drums really make this track pop and will make club and home dance floors sizzle. Our Love had several stellar remixes and Suddenly knocks it out the park with its first one. Caribou's voice is a beacon of beauty and hope, when accompanied by amazing sounds, it creates one of the purest forms of joy.
  2. Bias
    by Floating Points
    The tones starting at 5:30 are worth the price of admission alone and transform this track into something spectacular. Crush was already intense and imaginative, and on this record Floating Points says he let the leashes off some of his drum machines and synths, and it shows. The result is a sparkling 12" that is even more wild and surprising, full of energy and life.
  3. GR Etiquette ('09 mix)
    by Joy Orbison
    Thousands of people have danced to this track and just as many have dreamed of its release...and here it is. This will keep going hard from '09 til infinity. Big big up Pete for releasing this timeless gem.
  4. Whities 027
    by JASSS
    JASSS takes us BACK TO THE FUTURE on Whities 027 with double-barreled bangers. Turbo Olé goes TurboGrafx-16 meets Blade Runner, the ultimate high with mellow moments to catch our breath before blasting back off into space. A secret weapon to setting off everything from the biggest venues to dance-defying home parties and headphone sessions. The music of the future is here, now we just have to wait for time to catch up.
  5. Sixteen Oceans
    by Four Tet
    This LP gives me the same excitement I felt as a child running home to play music; closing my bedroom door and getting lost in a world of wonder and joy...playing songs again and again for their energy and emotion. Sixteen Oceans splashes with surprises as Four Tet continues to push himself. His care and passion shine through as he translates personal and universal themes into sounds. From Ba Teaches Yoga to Mama Teaches Sanskrit, this is more than music. It's a sonic serenade for the soul.
  6. 4T Recordings
    by Four Tet
    "Four Tet is an instinctive artist," said Mary Anne Hobbs before the world premiere of this track. The beauty and bliss on this is perfect not just as a build up to Sixteen Oceans, but also to come down from the exhilarating high after the Baby music video. Atmospheric in spirit and in nature, the bird sounds perfect the colorful waves and spaces of Jason Evans' masterpiece cover. Four Tet's forward-thinking is on full display here as is his clarity. Sonically and visually, it's simply euphoric.
  7. Suddenly
    by Caribou
    Seldom is an album this honest yet this beautiful; this personal yet this dynamic. Our Love has been a guiding force and source of joy in my life since its release, and Suddenly follows up with even more emotion; the soothing voice and spirit still here. Few artists bare their soul on a record and touch the listener...Dan Snaith does that here, bravely, but also boldly and with surprises. Don't get it twisted, this is music to dance to, vibe to, but it's deeper than that, if you want it to be.
  8. Whities 025
    by Neinzer
    Seldom does a project grab my attention from the jump, keep it, and then when the music stops makes me wonder what just happened. I love the energy on Voyager, the claps that mingle melodically with drums on Deff, the twirling twinkles on Elliptical Footsteps, the soothing tones and voice on Ronda that guides us to Falafalus where the voice joins bells, keys, and nature sounds to conclude a seamless journey of bliss. Neinzer pulls off a feat of magic here with something that's more than music.
  9. Nathan Melja - Synesthesia (w/ Anthony Naples & Pariah Remixes) (OYSTER21)
    by Nathan Melja
    THIS is what I've been waiting for. Synesthesia grabs my soul and takes it on a wild wavy ride into bass blasting bliss. Nathan is a genius for this mad melody and for getting two of my favorite heavyweights on the remixes. Anthony Naples brings that funky New York dubby techno soul and Pariah adds that hard-hitting UK flavor with some signature Karenn sounds. It was love at first listen and now I could have this on repeat forever. A heavy heatmaker and two remix weapons. Proceed with caution.
  10. Blue 07
    by Happa
    This is sure to be the soundtrack for at least a few bank heists. So much power, energy, and emotion packed inside two banging tracks. Happa's got textures on textures, vocals as rhythms, and unexpected twists and turns with beat switches and genre change ups. Tasker warned us about a Happa drop in February, but this? This is just madness. I cannot stop playing it.
  11. Studio Pads
    by Dance
    Straight out the gate the horns set off what is an impressive ride on Studio Pads, the hypnotic drums being the head nodding highlight for me. Murmur brings that mellow high with woven textures and bird sounds to wind down or start the day. Been hooked on that Dance music since the Four Tet & Jamie xx Essential Mix from nearly five years ago where Still set that mix off. In the club or at home, in search of dynamic drums or softer sounds, this brilliantly balanced 24-bit Dance release bangs.
  12. Rez (Skee Mask Remix)
    by Konx-om-Pax
    Ben UFO ended his Lot Radio set with this track and basically shut Brooklyn down. Skee Mask takes us into outer space with this beauty, his many textures, layers, and atmospheric wizardry. Four Tet said he's been playing this again and again. No wonder why, it's an early contender for track of the year. Otherworldly.
  13. Stargate EP
    by Anunaku
    Anunaku with ANOTHER 3-track EP that picks up where the incredible Whities 024 left off. "Teleported" steals the show with the perfect Middle Eastern sounds that complement the hard-hitting drums and energy so well. "Stargate" opens up beautifully halfway through the way "Forgotten Tales" did. "Atlas4088" brings more instruments and more energy to party. This EP complements Whities 024 perfectly and put 2020 on notice. 24-bit International Drum Domination achieved. This is going to be huge.
  14. Baby
    by Four Tet
    Four Tet's Burn Remix and his brilliant BACK2THESTART as KH both featured Ellie Goulding vocals, so for nearly five years we've had a glimpse of the magic that could happen on an official collaboration. A melodic, hypnotic, textured, and colorful beauty. What a way to kick off Four Tet's first release of the decade and second glimpse into Sixteen Oceans. Jason Evans with another masterpiece cover that perfectly complements the music. Ecstatic about this collaboration, definitely worth the wait.
  15. Massari for Relief
    by DJ Plead
    DJ Plead has an arsenal of heavy hitters, but these three right here are my favorites. He brings that energy, tempo, the signature drums, and that untouchable Middle Eastern style. The vocals are a wonderful addition and handled masterfully. Really loving the energy on these tracks and the vocals. No surprise this got the coveted RA Recommends sticker on it. Big up DJ Plead for releasing these tracks for such an important cause. What a release, been on repeat from the jump. Much respect.
  16. Zero Fucks
    by Special Request
    I've bought Special Request albums solely for the way he does vocals, tracks like Alone that sampled Mobb Deep, Hackney Parrot Remix, Make It Real, Raised By Wolves. So this is my DREAM album. Hip-Hop was my first love but not since It Takes A Nation Of Millions have I heard an album of vocals laced with beats this hard. This is dynamic, beautiful, and insane. If this is a HINT of where Special Request is headed, then buckle up. Big up Paul for your work ethic, generosity, and mad genius.
  17. Satin
    by Lack
    Impressive in its ability to make the party bounce yet detailed enough where at home listening will reveal its many layers. The combination of varied sounds and textures add to its versatility yet maintain an edge and energy seldom matched with this much detail. Shout out to Lack for this gem, Blank Mind for another amazing release, and Ben UFO for the recommendation. Been on repeat from the jump.
  18. Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix)
    by Four Tet
    Four Tet & Overmono, name a better combo in 2019. The Russell brothers have been on fire and this is not a warm up track; it's a warning shot. Soothing signature Overmono sounds with bass thumping so hard I had to check the seismometer. Four Tet smashed 2019, 9 releases by my count, including Only Human and 18HUNNA (Remix), the live album, Anna Painting, and video of the year in Teenage Birdsong. Ecstatic he put this out digitally. Elevating spirits and soothing souls with his art. What a year.
  19. Steal A Golden Hail
    by Quirke
    I only buy music that goes hard or brings joy, seldom does a track or record do both at the same time. Quirke executes this masterfully here. Spinhaunt Coil is one of my favorites of the year and is symbolic in how he balances an LP full of hard rugged sounds with ambient and classical. The various genres, vocals, and keys all blend together to create a cinematic experience. Big up Whities, Tasker, and the whole crew for the art and visuals. What a brilliant, beautiful, and unique record.
  20. Teenage Birdsong (Avalon Emerson Scrub Jay Remix)
    by Four Tet
    In this case, judge a track by its cover. Colorful, off-kilter, textured, and everything with waves on. Avalon Emerson comes through with her signature synths and unique style like no one else. Been on the hunt for this since Four Tet dropped it live on The Lot Radio...Brooklyn hasn't been the same since. Big up Jason Evans with another masterful cover art remix flip and Four Tet for an incredible year of releases, including the amazing Teenage Birdsong music video. BUY ON SIGHT.