Artist accounts are free. Label accounts have a monthly fee, detailed here. Our revenue share on sales is 15% for digital, 10% for merch.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes, the revenue share on digital drops from 15% to 10% as soon as you reach $5,000 USD in sales (and stays there, provided you’ve made at least $5,000 in the past 12 months).

For merch sales, does the 10% revenue share apply to shipping and tax?

No. Shipping and tax, if applicable, are not included when calculating the share on merch.

Are payment processing fees included in the revenue share rates?

No, processing fees are separate and typically range between 4 and 6%. Please see the details here, including tips on what you can do to minimize those fees.

I’m selling higher priced items through Bandcamp. Cut me a break?

Definitely. Some people sell things like super deluxe packages or beat licenses through Bandcamp, and with name-your-price we occasionally see superfans paying big bucks for a single item (thanks mom!). That’s why the revenue share only applies to the first $100 of an item (or the item total when more than one of that item is purchased).

How do I get paid, and how often?

When a fan makes a purchase, the money flows directly from them into whatever PayPal account you specify (Bandcamp doesn’t hold your money).

Then how does Bandcamp get paid?

As you sell on Bandcamp, we track your revenue share balance, and when a sale comes along that’s less than or equal to your balance, that sale goes to Bandcamp. Let’s look at an example. For simplicity, let’s say the revenue share rate is 10%, and you sell an album for $10. All $10 of that sale would go straight to you, but your revenue share balance (the amount you owe Bandcamp) would now be $1. Then you sell another album for $10. All $10 of that sale would again go straight to you, and your balance would now be $2. As more orders come in, the payments continue to go to you and your balance continues to grow by 10% of each sale. Upon the sale of your tenth $10 album, your balance would have reached $10, so that $10 sale, and only that sale, would go to Bandcamp, and the balance you owe Bandcamp would be reduced by $10. You can view your current balance at any time by exporting your sales history from the Sales section of your Tools page.

You can find more information about revenue sharing and your sales history over here.

We want our pricing to be as clear as possible. If any of the above doesn’t make sense, please get in touch. We’ll happily answer your questions and use them to keep improving this page.