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  1. Angels
    by Beyond All Reason
    I don't have words for this right now. This is such an amazing treat, the mothership of all angels renditions! A million thanks guys!
  2. Jackin' The Box
    by Beckett
    Yes yes YES! Outstanding track! 👻
  3. Danger Zone FT. Strike Eagle & Ben Higgins
    by Last Action Hero
    F**k to the yeah!
  4. Hilt
    by XENNON
  5. Building For A Better Tomorrow
    Thank You For Finding Me Thank You For Finding Me
    I can't believe I'm the first one here.

    This is a really cool album. The futuristic concept translates to a dreamy yet bleak outright depressing listening experience. However it's
    also punctuated with a sense of hope and wonder. Cinematic, mature and carefully produced you should definitely check this out.

    Ps. Awesome artwork
  6. Agents Of S.W.E.A.T
    by Team Sweatwave
    Rage Of The Tiger Rage Of The Tiger
    Positive, ecstatic and rip roaring fun, Agents Of S.W.E.A.T is a must buy for fans of wave music.
  7. Desolation
    by ByteMapper
  8. This Future
    by Neon Arcadia
    Desire (XENNON Remix) Desire (XENNON Remix)
    Okay okay, this release has been a long time coming and I feel a fool for getting here so late! The Neon Arcadia boys have knocked it out of the park. The mixes sound so intricate, plucky toms through to soaring guitar leads and glimmering synths shining bright. Each track is awesome in it's own right. My favourite so far has to be the Xennon remix of Desire. It completely transforms the track giving it that classic synthwave sound. Get supporting these guys, their hard work needs noticing!
  9. Lunar Arc (feat. King Stephen) [Single]
    by Aeronexus
    Ethereal and ponderous like AERONEXUS is known but there's an absolutely amazing beat and basslne driving the track along. Those pitch drifted synths half way in are beautiful. Got a lot of time for that climax as well. Sick track. <3
  10. It's Always Been You
    by Strike Eagle
    The G man is back, the Strike Eagle has landed. Production A*, Guitar solo A*. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first time we've heard Graham up front singing his heart out, and my life is all the better for it. Support up and coming synthwave and buy this track, it's a belter!
  11. Peppermint
    by Gab Manette
  12. Winter's Veil
    by ByteMapper
  13. Ghostbusters
    by Pretty Glass Folk & Friends
  14. The Glass Of Your Soul
    by Salvation
  15. Mischief Night
    by See Thomas Howl
  16. Blue Summer
    by M.K. Khan
    by XENNON
    A New Enemy A New Enemy
    Where to begin with this. I love it! As far as concept albums go in the synthwave scene, to me this is as good as it gets. I've been genuinely excited to get my ears around this and it just hasn't faltered in any way. The production, melodies, song writing, vocals, the voice acting from Neon Arcadia, the artwork, that huuuuge talk box bass in A New Enemy. It's all A* material. It's an eventful, powerful and innovative journey that tells the story of our boy Jack Lancer! Thanks Xennon!
  18. Battle of Planet Arctica
    by Arctic Mega Defender
  19. darklight
    by melodywhore
    darklight darklight
    I've been excited to give it a listen through and write this. As I sit here listening to Darklight, I hear thunder sounding in the distance coming to engulf the sunshine on the hottest day of the year. Haunting synths from the title track and a certain etherial vibe from the vocals provide a perfect accompaniment to the changing weather. And I absolutely love it. Thanks MW!
  20. Cruise Control (feat. Tom Selica)
    by Neon Arcadia
    This track just makes me feel so good. It takes me back to my skateboarding days, giving off old school Lost Prophets (forgive me) vibes, with the vocals of Tom Selica. But in general it's just a really unique vibe for the synthwave scene. I urge you to support these artists, they deserve your time and money! Well done guys!