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  1. Subjection/Subordination EP
    by The KVB
  2. Panther Moderns EP
    by Steve Moore
    Panther Moderns Panther Moderns
    100 percent class track, never gets old.
  3. Melodies (1st Album)
    by Lord Echo
    Honest I Do Honest I Do
    Lord Echo produces a great album, the quality is consistently high.
  4. Fletcher Moss Park
    by Matthew Halsall
    Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom
    cherry blossom is such a great track- really beautiful
  5. Red Pill
    by Daniel Crawford
    5. 23 Groove 5. 23 Groove
    daniel crawford is a class act, every track on this album is amazing. you need this in your collection asap.
  6. Dusted Jazz Volume Two
    by Jenova 7
    Morning Theme Morning Theme
    real great trip hop here, live instrumentation sounding good!
  7. Isles
    by Schadillac
    Headnthesky Headnthesky
    Can always rely on Schadillac for a good beat- full support!
  8. Dusted Jazz Volume One
    by Jenova 7
    Dark Water Jazz Dark Water Jazz
    real talented producer, big up Jenova 7!
  9. Gala Drop
    by Gala Drop
    Ital Ital
    quirky psych dub, eclectic vibes- very nice
  10. Trance Mutation
    by Nuel
    Mentalism Mentalism
    this music, resembles the past yet sounds like present, like all of it
  11. Kid Lib - Terrors Of The Jungle Vol.1 Ft. Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi
    by Kid Lib
    7.Kid Lib - The Harp Tune 7.Kid Lib - The Harp Tune
    kid lib is one to watch, those who love jungle, jus buy whatever he makes- its all questions.
  12. Breakbeat Brew [EP]
    by Fanu / FatGyver
    Slack 'n' Roll Slack 'n' Roll
    well produced, sounds fresh!
  13. Star Kinship (nomoa019)
    by The Away Team
    Zambesi Falls Zambesi Falls
    nice feel to this album, one of my favourites finds.
  14. As the Crow Flies
    by Stratus
    Into The Fields Into The Fields
    into the fields is the one for me, had this on repeat for ages...
  15. Speech And Silence
    by Automatic Tasty
    Rocky Valley Rocky Valley
    automatic tasty has a really personal sound that is instantly recognisable, rocky valley is a great example of this
  16. Nachtmusik
    by Max Waves
    Nachtmusik I Nachtmusik I
    really nice fave is Nachtmusik 1
  17. 88:88
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
    Collapse Collapse
    so many big tracks on this album its actually is your duty to support these guys.
  18. The 5th Dimension
    by Jeremiah R.
    Pleiades Pleiades
    really love the simplicity of Jeremiah R's music, really effective.
  19. The Expedition Beyond
    by CN
    Charting the Path Charting the Path
    cant go wrong with CN...!
  20. Pictures In Motion
    by DiscError Recordings