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  1. Psych on This #1
    by Aarhus Psych Fest
    Going to the Store Going to the Store
    Going to the store is the one for me.
  2. Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time
    by Electric Eye
    6 AM 6 AM
    Reaching out btween the extremes of dancefloor psyche and the gloss of cosmic disco, the roles are reversed: the disco makes the breakdown, the rock makes me groove; could be a winner on stage too...
  3. Adapta 3
    by Adapta
    Future Future
    Amazing club track, this will shake any dancefloor sideways
  4. Aladdin - The Sun Is On Fire EP - VER073
    by Aladdin
    Mass Confusion (I:Cube C.E.R.N. Remix) Mass Confusion (I:Cube C.E.R.N. Remix)
    Ahead of its time, feels like an extended dance edit of how soon is now? by the smiths, with a chuggy weatherall baseline, some post psyche riffs thrown in - a gritty & moody club sound.
  5. Wooden Indian Burial Ground
    by wooden indian burial ground
    Helicopter Helicopter
    So raw your speaker will blow...
  6. The Asteroid No.4
    by The Asteroid No.4
    Mount Meru Mount Meru
    a few big tracks here, i tend to avoid the acoustic ones, mount Meru is really nice.
  7. Mount Analogue
    by Varg
    You have power and money- but you are mortal...
  8. Illusion Circles
    by Cloudland Ballroom
    Sender Sender
    great ambient tracks, consistently good throughout.
  9. 1991
    by 1991
    Reborn Ice Horn Reborn Ice Horn
    real nice music coming from 1991
  10. Elokuu EP
    by Matti Turunen
    space is the place- complete masterpiece, detroit techno all over.
  11. Anunnaki Invasion
    by Luis Ruiz
    Love Luis's deeper sound...i am now floating through space
  12. the least likely can be the most dangerous
    by Crock Oss
    just really great music from Crock Oss!
  13. Sturm Bricht Los (Creme Eclipse 12)
    by Sumerian Fleet
    destroy, rebuild and detonate
  14. sauce81 - All In Line / I See It EP
    by catune
  15. Pure
    by SoulParlor
  16. Bay Of Blood EP
    by Vercetti Technicolor
    great producer- full support!
  17. Ennoea
    by Keluar
    edgy pop that slams u down to the dancefloor hard
  18. Motion EP
    by FAX
    love FAX's music, he has another release as well you should check out. really forward thinking music, great music.
  19. Are You Around
    consistently good sound, ones to watch!
  20. Dyadik [YUY001]
    by Gottfried Y. Leibniz
    Twofoldness Twofoldness
    Yuyay Records are really talented and did a great guest radio show for me. Nuclear scientist levels of production here....