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  1. Follow Me Through Body
    by Partholón
    by Bait
  3. Der Endless Dream
    by Radare
  4. rýr "left fallow"
    by narshardaa
  5. Seeds of Change
    by Syberia
  6. V.A. - Heart Circle Part V
    by The 90s SCREAMO/HC/EMO/INDIE-Rock Friends
    unfucking fassbar riesige und gute zusammenstellung von korrekten Bands auf noch korrekten Labels. Nur die Strecke der A-Bands ist eine unglaubliche Vielfalt und musikalische unübetrieben herausragenden Qualität. alter, mann möchte das alles auf platte haben als 10x LP, auch wenn man danach pleite. dafür hätte man für immer ausgesorgt mit good music.
  7. Acedia
    by Lethvm
  8. Eigengrau
    by girih
  9. Blight
    by KAVRILA
  10. Rituals II
    by KAVRILA
  11. Noorvik
    by Noorvik
  12. in turmoil
    by ANCST
  13. V.A. - Heart Circle Part III
    by The 90s SCREAMO/HC/EMO/INDIE-Rock Friends
  14. Der Tag an dem Berge aus dem Himmel wuchsen
    by MONZA
    Monza evolved from a small band with a huge sound to an even bigger (well known) band with an even bigger sound. three guys taking it to the max! Some people still stick to the "spacerock"-term, but this is a lot of noiserock with a good portion of post-hardcore (think of russian circles or thesearmsaresnakes) in it. with mesmerizing nearly spoken lyrics. there's something poetic or maybe dadaistic in it.
  15. Short Circuit
    by Throat
  16. Try Dying
    by Overdose Support
  17. Into Dark Science
    by Phantom Winter
  18. moloch
    by ANCST
  19. Cloak of Ash
    by Hope Drone
  20. Spirit Animal
    by Zombi