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  1. Filoxiny
    by Skinshape
  2. Live On Earth
    by Rymden
    The Lugubrious Youth of Lucky Luke (Live) The Lugubrious Youth of Lucky Luke (Live)
    Wow. Bugge's work on Lugubrious Youth just conjures the spirit of Esbjorn so tangibly that I am a wreck every time I listen. But, while I still feel incredibly raw and angry about his death over 11 years ago, there is a sense of peace and even resolution to be found in this beautiful music - I hope it's the same for Magnus and Dan. Saw them in Manchester on this tour and so delighted to have this document.
  3. presha (feat. Tom Spirals)
    by corto.alto
    Loving this - of all the 8 tracks released so far, I think this is my favourite. Each track is pretty different from the next. This one has a ska-jazz groove going on and I love the vocals, plus, as usual, there's some lovely solo work, great interplay, and tight ensemble playing.
  4. The Undivided Five
    by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  5. Little Ghost
    by Moonchild
  6. Lowfold Reworks
    by Craven Faults, Pye Corner Audio, Don't DJ, President Bongo
  7. 3 years on (feat. harry weir)
    by corto.alto
  8. A Louder Silence: Remixes
    by Leifur James
  9. FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise
    by jaimie branch
  10. PYJÆN
    by PYJÆN
  11. Guitar Variations
  12. zing
    by corto.alto
  14. inward (feat. johnny woodham)
    by corto.alto
  15. Paradigm Shift
    by Michael Janisch
  16. no
    by corto.alto
  17. otrolado
    by corto.alto
  18. apple
    by corto.alto
  19. better (feat. kitti)
    by corto.alto
  20. Listeners
    by Scrimshire
  21. Modifications - Set 1, 2 & 3
    by Modified Man
  22. Largo
    by AKKU Quintet
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. Nunroyd Works
    by Craven Faults
  24. Springhead Works
    by Craven Faults
  25. Netherfield Works
    by Craven Faults
  26. Super Sad Generation
    by Arlo Parks
  27. The Hollow
    by Scrimshire
  28. Horizons / Rapture
    by The Physics House Band
  29. Supersuit - EP
    by Whitecap
  30. Instrumentals
    by Leroy Duncann
  31. Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts
    by Tenesha The WordSmith
  32. A Love Requited
    by Myele Manzanza
  33. Super Rite of Spring
    by Shnabubula
  34. EGOLI
    by Africa Express
  35. Mezcla - EP
    by Mezcla
  36. Icy Roads (Stacked)
    by Joe Armon-Jones
  37. Dreaming Is Dead Now
    by Skinny Pelembe
  38. due
    by Radament
  39. Radament
    by Radament
  40. Where Future Unfolds
    by Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  41. Mothership
    by Dwight Trible
  42. Photosynthesis
    by Babybird
  43. cigarette candle
    by babybird
  44. Salvator Mundi
    by Mark Lockheart & Roger Sayer
  45. Prologue
    by PYJÆN