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  1. No Tether
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
  2. Etter Lys
    by Ingrina
  3. Made of Breath Only
    by sleepmakeswaves
    unmistakably smw.
    new incarnation unleashes guitar that's been hiding.
    glitch remains because it's in alex's dna.
    after the ten year climb, it takes time to enjoy the view from up there, but never complacent.
    still crescendocore.
    still serious fun.
    still invites airdrumming.
    thanks guys.
  4. S/T
    by This Patch of Sky
  5. my beautiful twisted nightmares in aurora rainbow darkness
    by Vampillia
    ice fist ice fist
  6. Refractions
    by meniscus
  7. Another Language
    by This Will Destroy You
  8. Sad Boys Club
    by Solkyri
  9. Mitau
    by Audrey Fall
  10. The Glass/Nails EP
  11. Pattern Of Infinity
    by Trna
  12. Torn Beyond Reason
    by Woods of Desolation
  13. As The Stars
    by Woods of Desolation
  14. Appearances of Collections
    by Rumour Cubes
  15. Contact Fix
    by Alright the Captain
  16. Paper Bells
    by Trojan Horse
  17. Read, Write, Execute
    by Wired to Follow
  18. Underdog Underfoot
    by Flies Are Spies From Hell
  19. The Serpent & The Sphere
  20. BOSH!
    by Cleft
  21. Downbeat
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
  22. Short Code
    by Wired to Follow
  23. Indrawing
    by Suffering Astrid
  24. ETT
    by Row Boat
  25. The Auteur EP - Part One
    by Dumbsaint
  26. Wild Light
    by 65daysofstatic
  27. The Anaesthete
    by Rosetta
  28. Let It Rain - 7" Release
    by The Quivers
  29. 100 One Says
    by 100 Onces
  30. Winter Haunts
    by The Rational Academy
  31. MFMF 002 : evil bebos - the stranger
    by Evil Bebos
  32. Voronia
    by Deviante
  33. A Forgotten Land
    by Encircling Sea
    Transcend Transcend
    Great long songs that tell epic tales full of emotion and battles between opposites.
  34. Vasa - Never Have Dreams
    by Overlook Records
  35. The Quietest Place On Earth
    by We Lost The Sea
    Barkhan Charge Barkhan Charge
  36. Monophonic
    by Pray for Sound
  37. 2
    by 417.3
  38. The Courage to Start Again
    by ...And Stars Collide
  39. La Petite Mort EP
    by atlantis
  40. Droids
    by Droids
  41. The Destruction of Small Ideas (deluxe edition)
    by 65daysofstatic
  42. Space in Noise
    by Jarek
    appears in 1 other collection
  43. Fractional EP
    by Mender
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. With the Same Smile as Those Days
    by Lunaire
  45. Whale Fall
    by Whale Fall