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  1. L'Esprit de Nyege 2020
    by Nyege Nyege Tapes
  2. Duma
    by Duma
  3. Duma
    by Duma
  4. Oxidized
    by Frontierer
  5. Oxidized
    by Frontierer
  6. Na Zala Zala
    by Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble
  7. HEart Of The Ages
    by In The Woods...
  8. Null Space
    by Pathogen
  9. I'm Sorry Mr. Salesman
    by MouthBreather
  10. Rat Licker
    by Dead Neanderthals
  11. Dollmeat/Pig
    by MouthBreather
  12. Those Who Caress The Pale
    by Ved Buens Ende
  13. THY CATAFALQUE - Zápor LP (2021)
    by Thy Catafalque
  14. Mirrors
  15. Siste Lys
    by Ingrina
  16. The Stolen View (Remaster)
    by Leech
    by Methwitch
  18. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
  19. Abscess Time
    by Pyrrhon
  20. Night & Day
    by Ranges
    My first "digital-only" purchase ever. If it's not on vinyl or tape, it's not real, but that's my humble opinion... Just had to make the exception, since Ranges are continuously overdelivering on their physical releases (...and this song is awwwwwesome...). True artists.