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  1. Wonderful Life
    by The Well Wishers
  2. Closer to a Ghost
    by A View of Earth from the Moon
    An outstanding indie power pop-rock record.
    Every single song is brimming with hooks and catchy melodies as well as lush instrumentation, culminating with ‘All I’ve Got Is Rock ’n’ Roll’, the penultimate track which sounds like Jonathan Fickes’ mission statement.
    Here’s hoping there is one day a follow-up to such a brilliant debut album.
  3. Keeping on Top - U.S. Powerpop Rarities
    by Keeping on Top - US Powerpop Rarities - 1979-83
  4. Sundown's End
    by Kevin Robertson
    An absolutely gorgeous pop record by the leader of Scottish band The Vapour Trails.
    If the Love's Blue Yonder single released in mid-April 2021 was any indication, expectations were high for this first solo album but it even surpasses them as Kevin Robertson proves to be a stellar songwriter, musician and singer, on par with fellow Scotsmen Daniel Wylie and Andrew Taylor.
  5. Hung Up On Pop
    by Richie Mayer
    Richie Mayer used to play in a short-lived band called Loose Lips which published the cleverly titled Hung Up on Pop EP in 1980, a brilliant four-track power-pop EP now re-released in limited-edition CD format that should be positively embraced and adored by all power-pop fans.
    This is an ultra-limited run of physical format CD (only 100), so the sooner, the better.
  6. The Inn of Temporary Happiness
    by Richie Mayer
    Some 40 years after his first record with a short-lived band called Loose Lips, Richie Mayer re-appears on Bandcamp under his own name with this seventeen-track CD that should be positively embraced and adored by all power-pop fans the world over. A caveat: there is an ultra-limited run of physical format CD for this record (only 100), so the sooner, the better...
  7. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere
    by Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts
  8. A Tale From The Other Side
    by Timmy Sean
  9. Pleasure Island
    by Mom
    It is difficult to express in words the exhilaration which lovers of melodic guitar pop will experience when listening to track after track of the most genuine and optimistic power pop available at the beginning of this grim 2020 decade. Forget all the bleak lockdown/quarantine sessions imposed upon us by serious-minded ‘singer/songwriters’ and jump along with such power-pop anthems as ‘Tonight’ and ‘Don’t Leave With My Heart’, to name only a few.
  10. Five Day Rain
    by Five Day Rain
  11. Feels So Good [Just Like Hollywood]
    by Hawthorne
  12. Weightlifting
    by Trashcan Sinatras
  13. The Never Never
    by Zero Hour Records
  14. When The Dust Just Won't Settle
    by Captain Wilberforce
  15. Downtime
    by Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men
  16. Garden of Earthly Delights - An XTC Celebration
    by Various Artists
  17. Light The Windows In These Places Let Through
    by Rhode Island
  18. Fixers & Elixirs
    by Frederick Julius
  19. Upside Down
    by The Rallies
    A contender for best pop-rock album of 2019.
    Will Pitchfork and hipsters of their ilk ever take notice of The Rallies and the many artists who do not benefit from the hype that they create around far less talented musicians?
  20. Kaleidoscope Heart: 12 Golden Hits
    by Anny Celsi