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  1. DK61 The Yetis
    by The Yetis
  2. 1985 Debut LP
    by Julian Leal
  3. Denny (Single)
    by Fuzzysurf
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  4. Something In The Air
    by The Maureens
    What Holland has had to offer in terms of melodic, guitar-driven pop-rock music has always been somehow distinctively professional-sounding compared with, say, rock bands from France or Spain - though this may be seen as a hasty generalization - and The Maureens keep up this tradition on their splendid third album, 'Something in the Air’.
    Here's hoping this fabulous band get the recognition they deserve.
  5. Legs & Luggage
    by Vegas With Randolph
    Vegas With Randolph’s music is unadulterated power pop that will bring a wide smile onto its listeners' faces.
    Fans of Rubinoos, Vandalias, Silver Sun and beyond will love Vegas With Randolph.
  6. The Stanleys Debut Album
    by The Stanleys
    How could I not love this Australian band when their first self-titled album is released in an eco-friendly and user-friendly package type known as 'wallet', a format more and more seen these days, when they dare to have their artwork stamped with the following motto: 'UNASHAMED stereo POWER POP RECORDING'!
    The music does not belie these musicians' 'mission statement' as it is the purest melodic guitar power pop available in these times of indie folk tediousness and electronica ubiquitousness.
  7. Crybaby
    by Danny de la Matyr
    Lines Lines
    'Lines' is ideal for all Dwight Twilley/Phil Seymour fans.
    'How Can It Be', the B side of his first single, is also first-class power-pop, albeit in a softer vein à la Kyle Vincent.
    Danny De La Matyr used to be in The Days and The Sheers.
    This is his first album, produced by Luther Russell, and it is wonderful.
  8. Love The Things Your Lover Loves
    by Papernut Cambridge
  9. Cambridge Nutflake
    by Papernut Cambridge
  10. There's No Underground - CD Version
    by Papernut Cambridge
    Papernut Cambridge sound like worthy heirs to Television Personalities
  11. Nutlets 1967-80
    by Papernut Cambridge
  12. Magician
    by Vaudevileins
    Have Material Issue spawned worthy heirs at long last?
    Vaudevileins are Chicago musicians who started their career in December 2010 under the auspices of Chicago's best power-pop band ever with a cover of Jim Ellison's 'Merry Christmas Will Do'.
    Within the next six years, Vaudevileins released an album and three EPs until they eventually released this new LP called 'Magician' on vinyl, CD, and for digital download on Nov.18, 2016.
  13. Summer Dream EP
    by The Kickstand Band
    "15 songs crammed on one CD," this is how The Kickstand Band sum up their bright idea which consisted in gathering their three digital EPs on one CD for the joy of those who, like me, still enjoy having the music they love in physical format with cover art included.
  14. Devil Love
    by Peter Buzzelle/Devil Love
    This should please fans of Matt Pond Pa, Matthew Sweet and Chris Church, among many other pop songwriters.
  15. Trust Your Instincts
    by Nick Piunti
    Nick Piunti's fourth album is fabulous, but so were the first three! The man is very talented indeed.
    As if this was not enough, he is surrounded by Andy Reed, Donny Brown and Ryan Allen, among other gifted musicians, on 'Trust Your Instincts'.
    To think that the result of such a combination of exceptional talent remains so confidential...
  16. Fall Off The World
    by Propeller
    If the phrase 'emerging powers' was applied to music, then I would readily use it to describe emerging power-pop bands and this is particularly true of Propeller over the course of three albums and as many singles.
    'Fall Off the World' provides further musical evidence of the talents of this San Francisco band even though there is room for improvement in the vocals department.
    'Promising' is an adequate adjective to describe 'Fall Off the World'.
  17. Valley Of The Kilowatt Hour
    by Elvyn
    My only regret about this wonderful third album from Canadian band Elvyn is that apparently it will not be released on CD.
    As I paid for what I thought was the physical format, I must admit to being a bit miffed...
  18. Beyond The Static
    by Nick Piunti
    Nick Piunti's third album confirms the idiosyncratic talent of this musician who keeps churning out fantastic power-pop tunes that would rejoice even the most jaded pop-rock fan, whether young or old, if they knew about the existence of 'Beyond the Static'.
  19. ON HEAT (Feb 2014)
    by Fuzzy Vox
  20. A Dollyrots Christmas Mini-Album
    by The Dollyrots
  21. Kiss On The Ocean EP
    by The Dowling Poole
  22. Sea of White EP
    by Peter Buzzelle/Devil Love
    Perfection exists. I have come across it in the form of five wonderful pop songs.
  23. FOLC030- PERALTA- Time, Purpose & Gold- LP
    I just couldn't wait to get hold of this supergroup's first work on vinyl and/or Digipak CD and discover the twelve songs penned by Ángel Kaplan.
    Indeed, I had to be content with the six tracks that were given away with the pre-order and are exceptional but upon hearing the whole album, for which I opted for the CD format, I must admit it came up to my high expectations.
    One more reason to pay for the music of these Spanish artists.
  24. Lines / How Can It Be
    by De La Matyr
    'Lines' is ideal for all Dwight Twilley/Phil Seymour fans.
    The B side is also first-class power-pop, albeit in a softer vein à la Kyle Vincent.
    Danny De La Matyr used to be in The Days and The Sheers.
    This is his first solo effort, prefiguring an album produced by Luther Russell, just like this single, due for release any time soon, hopefully...
  25. Mick in '69
    by Michael Slawter
    A brilliant power-pop record by yet another criminally ignored US pop songwriter, formerly a member and leader of Neidermeyer and The Saving Graces, two sadly overlooked US bands.
    'Mick in '69' ranks among the top EPs released in 2013.
  26. Sunlight Madness (Original)
    by John Hopkins
    A Brian Wilsonesque concept album revolving around the sun at the center of this delightful pop universe.
    'Sunny Sunday Afternoon' alone is worth the price of admission: the digital download can be bought at on a 'Name Your Price' basis.
    Needless to say that this kind of artist deserves to be helped..
  27. Gadzooks
    by Doctor Ew
  28. Sticky Bomb - Digital Preview
    by Watershed
    Watershed has been one of my favorite US bands since the demise of the great Material Issue.
    I have sorely missed them as they had not given any sign of life since their 2007 live record entitled 'Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust II'.
    This is a new song issued on the Bandcamp Web site together with another track called 'American Muscle'.
    One of the best powerpop songs of the year 2011, in my opinion
  29. American Muscle - Digital Preview
    by Watershed
  30. Museum Of
    by Peter Buzzelle/Devil Love
    Sophomore album by Peter Buzzelle, made available on the Bandcamp Web site now favored by thousands of talented artists who can offer their music, like Peter Buzzelle, for free or for a price named by the would-be buyer.
    As I already wrote when I reviewed his debut on RYM, this should please fans of Matt Pond Pa and Chris Church, among many other pop songwriters.
    Track # 4, 'Gold Star Boulevard', is one of the best songs I have heard this year.
  31. Avalanche
    by Matthew Pop
  32. queen electric
    by queen electric
    Scot Sax, aka Scot Steven, formerly of Wanderlust and Feel, is now flanked by Phil D'agostino and Mike Pietrusko on this superb seven-track digital-download-only CD.
  33. Being Nowhere
    by Long Play 33 1/3
    Magic still exists and it comes from Hungary...
    Drawing inspiration from decades of pop music, ranging from The Beatles to Supertramp, but also The Hollies, ELO, Pink Floyd or Oasis, this Hungarian band has crafted a gem of a record on which sonic soundwaves wash over the listener in an endless summery breeze of pop music celebration.
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  34. To Telescope
    by Peter Buzzelle/Devil Love
    I only recently discovered Peter Buzzelle through the 'International Pop Overthrow' series, volume 14, and decided to investigate. Though quite a few songs have a kind of home-made synthetic sound, the overall result is melancholy soundscapes based on guitars which weave their melodies around the boyish vocals of the singer.
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  35. Get Through
    by John Brodeur
    John Brodeur’s recent achievement with the fantastic Bird Streets album and band/collaboration with Jason Falkner should not overshadow his previous solo work which shines throughout this album released in 2009.
    A great singer/songwriter yet to be discovered by most melody lovers.
  36. The Lovedays Album
    by The Lovedays
    Superb powerpop on British label 208 Records.
    The Lovedays is Ben Jones's band. This musician's solo records are also worth finding out.
  37. House Of Cards
    by The Lovedays
    Highly prolific British pop genius Ben Jones has already four full-length records under his belt: two solo recordings and two albums with his band, The Lovedays.
    'House of Cards' is The Lovedays' second record and it is full to the brim with powerpop gems.
    It was released one day after their debut, called 'The Lovedays Album', on July 3, 2010!

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