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  1. Dominion of the Sun
    by Fifth Density
  2. Through Stone EP
    by Dialith
  3. Disorientated
    by Arkentype
  4. A Birth of Loss
    by Whatever End
  5. The Beautiful Ones
    by Tiberius
  6. False Awakenings
    by Siamese Smile
  7. The Traveller
    by The Traveller
  8. Why so sober? EP
    by Brain Damage
  9. Demo 2017
    by Paladin
  10. DAWN
    by Mycelia
    by INTERRA
  12. Patterns In The Night Sky
    by Misanthrophi
  13. A Nation Divided
    by The Redhead Project
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. E.V.O.
    by Almah
  15. Djurassic Word
    by HUNG
  16. Revelation
    by Mystic Syntax
  17. Inertia
    by Symbiosis
  18. Weaponlord Ep
    by Weaponlord
  19. The Inward Expansion
    by The Neologist
  20. Nexus
    by Monolith
  21. The Cost of Every Man
    by Recode The Subliminal
  22. Nevicate
    by Nevicate
  23. Poder Vivo
    by Poder Vivo
  24. Winter's Calling
    by Eterknight
  25. Auto - Exterminio
  26. Renacido a Travez del Odio (Reborn Through Hate)
    by Parallel Minds
  27. The Throne
    by Reconstruct
  28. The Vermilion King
    by Empirine
  29. The Verdict
  30. Demo
    by Basteros
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. Arcus
    by A Dead Tree Doesn't Talk
  32. Ophidian
    by Abstracted
  33. HUNG
    by HUNG
  34. A Way Back There
    by Mandragore
  35. Passengers - EP
    by The Fallen Prodigy
  36. The Deconstruction of a Universe
    by Omega District
  37. Endless Sea
    by Stargrave
  38. Seda y Acero (2015)
    by Quemasantos
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. 12 Balas (2015)
    by Quemasantos
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Fields of Despise
    by Misanthrophi
    appears in 1 other collection
  41. Chains of Misfortune (Single)
    by Dark Symphonica
  42. The Stand
    by Freedomination
  43. Ruination
    by Adversary
  44. Supersonic Brainfuck Overdrive
    by MADRED
  45. Eschaton
    by Aeterna