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  1. Roman Master
    by Roman Master
  2. Lux in Morte
    by Et Mors
  3. Alunar
    by Aureole
  4. Kasjchq / Siege Tower
    by Kasjchq / Siege Tower
  5. Our Riches
    by Under A Full Moon
  6. The Warden
    by Tyrannus
  7. Arapaima / Blood Tower
    by Arapaima / Blood Tower
  8. Beach Babes & Vapor Waves
    by クリスタルKITSUNE
    This is pure day-drunk summer joy in audio form. It's a real shame this artist doesn't have any physical releases, because not having the ability to not have the internet and still be able to listen to this is the only thing keeping me from going fully off the grid. Keep up the good shit Kitsune and Seikomart, but please release a physical copy of this album so I can finally retire to a cabin in Montana and fist my butt in solitude 💕
  9. Ingrats
    by netra
  10. Imminent Horror
    by Miscarriage
    by Basilica Rift
    Journey Through the Unknown Rift Journey Through the Unknown Rift
    Everybody else on the darker end of the dungeon synth scene best take note, THIS is how you incorporate black metal elements effectively. Usually when I wish something was longer, it's in regard to my hole, but in this case, the feeling originates in my goddamn soul. I know it's only a demo, but after a track like the title track in particular, I wish it were an hour long with a cassette available for purchase. I'll be forever on the lookout for more Basilica Rift content, the man knows what he's doing; breathing some much needed fresh air into this lovely little subgenre.
  12. 愛の悪夢
    by M y s t e r yミステリー
  13. I Det Ewiga Mörka
    by Svartkonst
  14. Flame Of Revolt
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Imminent Horror
    by Miscarriage
    An aural and rectal assault that I never wanted to end. My butt will never be the same, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to comfortably my brand new Miscarriage cassette up there now.

    Beautifully horrific work, I loved it ;*
  16. Golden Throat
    by Arapaima
  17. ZEIT
    by ZEIT
  18. 该水流有其言力
    by W¯¯
  19. Dawn Of The Dungeoneers Vol.1
    by Various Artists
  20. Age Of Spiked Mace
    If this release doesn't go down as a dungeon synth classic, I'll fist my own butt in rage at the cruelty of the universe. Never stop making music, you beautiful soul <3
  21. Mélancolie urbaine
    by netra
  22. The Quest of Iranon
    by Voormithadreth
  23. The Density Parameter
    by Mesarthim
  24. Ambient Drama
    by 카페 나이트 Café Nights
  25. DUNGEON in the TUNDRA
  26. 该水总把它带走
    by W ̄ ̄
  27. Somniaprima
    by Ghriéving
  28. 동식물 [Denizen]
    by b l u e s c r e e n
    최종 무릎 최종 무릎
    This is a beautiful collection of music, easily one of my all time favorites in any genre, as evidenced by the absurd number of times I've listened to it in the relatively brief period I've had a Bandcamp account. Best enjoyed on a cold rainy day after a hot meal and "too many" drinks, but if you ask me, it fits any occasion.

    If Bluescreen made physical copies, I'd buy two, keeping one in my ass (in protective covering of course) in case I'm abroad and the mood strikes, as it so often does.

    Please both continue to make music, my man's good, lovely, and has real musical ability
  29. Roman Master
    by Roman Master
  30. Op under Fjeldet toner en Lur
    by Neverlur
  31. When tigers smoked pipes...
    by Soraksan
  32. SFDD
    by Soy Fan Del Dark
  33. Infant Island
    by Infant Island
  34. Direct Memory Access
  35. Sørbyen
    by netra