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  1. [JGT16] "Sites of Remembrance"
    by Precipitation
  2. Noontide
    by Micah Frank
  3. Unholy Blessing
    by Hexen Blood
  4. Русская Петля Бесконечности
    by Лорд Скорбь
  5. Morbid Despotic Ritual
    by Gosudar
  6. Atrox Pestis
    by Atrox Pestis
  7. Flesh Renewed
    by GNAWED
  8. Terra Amica II
    by Daniel[i]
  9. Modern Caveman
    by Pool Of Light
  10. Less
    by An Moku
  11. Monument Echo
    by anthéne
  12. Terra Amica I
    by Daniel[i]
  13. Under Pale Moon
    by Under Pale Moon
  14. Desert Whispers Through The Dark Tongues
    by Uktena Kult
  15. Arpoja
    by Hroshvalur
    amazing dark textures, full of forest-like detailed living elements and the production is just right!
  16. Apotheosis
    by zakè & Jordan Christoff
  17. Slower Still
    by Harry Whalley
  18. Long Forgotten Cities
    by Archean Nights
  19. Maneater
    by Abysslooker
    This is how disbelief should have sounded all these years. Very strong work, digging the guitars.
    by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma