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  1. Sympathetic Magic
    by TYPHOON
  2. Sympathetic Magic
    by TYPHOON
  3. Our Land Brains
    by Snowglobe
    Dreamworks Dreamworks
    I first heard this coming from the speakers of a record store in Oxford, MS in 2002. I asked the shopkeep for the CD, believing it to be Kinks meets Beatles meets Neutral Milk Hotel. I was not wrong, and I played it incessantly. I attended at least three Snowglobe concerts in Memphis in the years thereafter. It remains one of my favorites of all time. Thrill(er)ed to rediscover it on vinyl.
  4. A Digital Christmas Gift For You
    by Michael M
    Humans Are Not Worth Saving (Merry Christmas) Humans Are Not Worth Saving (Merry Christmas)
    Holiday music for people who generally despise holiday music
  5. Mortality Maths
    by Michael M
  6. Welcome to the Endgame
    by TYPHOON
  7. Three States (2020 reissue)
    by Dear Nora
  8. Three States (2020 reissue)
    by Dear Nora
  9. Escondida, only double vinyl, no download of this version available
    by Jolie Holland
  10. Wildflower Blues
    by Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton
  11. Eight Gates
    by Jason Molina
  12. Eight Gates
    by Jason Molina
  13. Time Away From Time
    by Eliza Edens
  14. Lowlight
    by Eliza Edens
  15. Live at Mercy St. Beach
    by Eliza Edens
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  16. born again
    by Ellis
  17. Old Flowers
    by Courtney Marie Andrews
  18. Mad World
    by LEMOLO
  19. synesthesia Night Version
    by deer scout
  20. Santafel
    by Julia Jacklin