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  1. The World Is A Ghetto
    Great uptempo version of the much covered WAR classic.
  2. Vooduu Chameleon (Single Version)
    by Ese & The Vooduu People
    Cosmic Acid Jazz Funk from Ese & The Vooduu's. Get's better with every release. More please.
  3. Colin Curtis Presents: indigo jam unit
    by indigojamunit
    Strictly VINYL ONLY release especially chosen by the Legendary UK DJ Colin Curtis of the heaviest & funkiest cuts by Cult Japanese Defiant Jazz outfit indigo jam unit. Don't sleep on this one! Available now through Bandcamp! Released end July 2023.
  4. Expansions
    by Prince Fatty
    Expansions feat. Shniece (A side) Expansions feat. Shniece (A side)
    Prince Fatty comes up with yet another genius cover version in the Trojan Style. So totally unexpected but oh so right in the pocket!
  5. Mary Ancheta Quartet Limited edition 7"vinyl
    by Mary Ancheta Quartet
    This is Hot! Can't wait for the vinyl to drop. Funky 70's style Funky New Jazz Fusion in that Electric Ballroom style. A Shiftless Shuffler for the We Out Here Generation!
  6. Dybbuk Tse!
    by Yoni Mayraz
    Dybbuk Tse! Dybbuk Tse!
    Headhunters inspired modern day Jazz Fusion straight in the Worldwide FM mould. Up to Eleven on the scale.
  7. Crash Boat Party
    by Daz-I-Kue & Tempo
    Crash Boat Party Crash Boat Party
    Cool Latin Jazz Dance Futurism. Mental Percussion and one for everyone of the London Jazz Classic Collective. 110%
  8. El Raton (incl. Panama Cardoon rework)
    by Los Invasores
    Los Invasores - El Ratón (Panama Cardoon Rework) Los Invasores - El Ratón (Panama Cardoon Rework)
    Banging version of the Fania All Stars hit. From the Berlin based Matasuna guys, always good vibes in the plastic!
  9. Calypso Redub
    by Paul Murphy
    I can actually say "Here's one I made earlier". A mash up pf Calypso Blues and a Legendary Songstress taken from us all too early.
  10. Anunnaki
    by P.T.B (The Powers That Be)
    Anunnaki Pt. I Anunnaki Pt. I
    Funky Space Jazz from NYC outfit featuring Antibalas, El Michels Affair dudes and Angelo Outlaw on the Cosmic Vibes!
  11. Tormenta Tropical
    by Jazz N Palms
    Tormenta Tropical (Parte I) Tormenta Tropical (Parte I)
    Ace Santana like Funky Latin Groover in the Tripped Out Afro-Cosmic Style from Riccio and friends. Mixed by Ben Westbeech too!
    by BDQ Records
    Former Mother Earth man teams up with Hammond legend Brian Auger! With a soulful 60's Acid Jazz Groover that rocks the floor!
  13. Billy Valentine and The Universal Truth
    by Billy Valentine & The Universal Truth
    The World Is A Ghetto The World Is A Ghetto
    What an excellent addition to the Acid Jazz canon. An inspired choice of tunes with the Soul Man riffing a "Blues Veteran" type set of an inspired choice of 1970's Soul Classics. Except for the Prince track of course but it's made as down home as it's possible to be. A is for Acid Jazz going all the way to Eleven!
  14. Steve's Impact - Steve Hernandez
    by Salsa with Sounds of the 70s
    A Gordon Klass Special, Fantastic Latin Sound from the El Rey de DJ Latinos!
  15. 'Edits'
    by Felipe Gordon
    Anikulapo Anikulapo
    Fantastic FELA edit!
  16. My City Is Burning
    by Daniel Riera
    Wow! This is great Latin Funkiness! Kudos to Kev Beadle for Hipping me to this immense groove.
  17. Tapestry of Life
    by Natural Lateral
    Rendez-rio Rendez-rio
    Phew! Nearly had a huge hole in my record accumulation here! Funky Tom Funk's latest outing is a must have! How the Blue Note meets the New Note.
  18. I Wanna
    by Tour-Maubourg
    Jazz in that Take Vibe Michel Magne mode.! Funky too!
  19. Chicago, Grown Ups, Drama
    by GU Jaz Funk'd Sessions
    Chicago, Grown Ups, Drama Chicago, Grown Ups, Drama
    Wishing this Jazzy groover was on Vinyl but still in the airwaves so still cool!
  20. Gilbrater
    by Pamela Wise
    Funky Latin Jazz version of one of the first ever London Jazz Dance tracks. Gibraltar, originally by Freddie Hubbard. Gold!