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  1. Melohman - Water no get enemy
    by Melohman
  2. Stan Getz - The Girl From Ipanema (George T Edit)
    by George T.
  3. Afro-Disco-Beat
    by Tony Allen & Africa 70
  4. This Is The Moment (Rework By Gerardo Frisina)
    by Edith Peters
    Gerardo Frisina. 'Nuff said!
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  5. Descarga (Part 2)
    by Gerardo Frisina
    The first (and favourite) tune I bought of Gerardo Frisina. We worked together at "making the dj" quite a few times. Great guy.
  6. El Callegüeso y su Malamaña
    by La Mambanegra
    Kool and the Mamba Kool and the Mamba
    Many thanks to Dave Hucker, who, like me, is a dj from the dawn of time, way back in the night of the day, that sort of thing. If he say it's good then you can be sure it's good.
  7. Swingin' The Blues
    by Charles "Chick" Ganimian & His Orientals
    Sweet little \jazz tune from the Oud man from Herbie Mann's group.
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  8. Cry Laughter
    by Joe Mensah
    Africa Is Home Africa Is Home
    Great Jazzy Intro to "Africa Is Home had me hooked....
  9. Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz, & Electric Folklore from Haiti 1960 - 1981
    by Various Artists
    Lagen Lagen
    When I saw my good friend DJ Kwak recommendation for this collection that was good enough for me. He's spot on too, it's great. Funky Jazz Groovesville!
  10. Mind Power (Sonic Break Mix)
    by Sonic Funk Foundry
    Payback Time!
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  11. Moanin'
    by The KutiMangoes
    Great version of the Charles Mingus groover. Why aren't there more funky Afro-Latin versions of this tune?
  12. Addis Abeba
    by Imperial Tiger Orchestra
    Emnete (live) Emnete (live)
    Funky Jazz version sold me all the way!!
  13. Seven Nation Army Dub feat. Dennis Alcapone
    by Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77
    Dubbed out version of classic version of classic tune.
  14. Ray Barretto - Acid (George T ReFresh)
    by George T.
    Always a pleasure to drop "Acid" no matter the shape or form...............
  15. Koumba Fri Fri
    Afrojazz JuJU of the highest calibre.
  16. Southern Baptist Boogaloo
    If Blue Note Records ruled the world this is what we'd be grooving down to.
  17. Canal/The Dada Loop
    by Dada Cantona/Contours
    Canal Canal
    Could have played this in any jazzroom back in the night of the day and it would have smashsmashsmashed the it will now.
  18. Candomblé
    by Black Classical
    Mawu Batucada Mawu Batucada
    Music you want to hang out On The Corner to. Brings light and magic to any party.
  19. Emnete (live)
    by Imperial Tiger Orchestra
    Funky versio n of the Ethio classic, rocks and rocks.
  20. "The Healer/Don't Break (Spaceways Radio Edit and Additions by Carlos Niño & Friends featuring Alan Lightner, Dexter Story and Yaakov Levy)"
    by African Roots of Jazz feat. Carlos Niño & Friends
    Some jazz pieces just run that ju ju down and this is one of them.
  21. La Sombra
    by Chip Wickham
    Sling Shot Sling Shot
    Can hardly wait for this release, Chip Wickham is THE jazzing man of the moment.
  22. Barabara
    by Dem Juju Poets
    People's Republic People's Republic
    Modern Afrobeatin' boogie with some retrodelic twists. Both sides exceptionally creative, the vocals on side A taking you right there to a hot smokey night in Zaire and the jazz inflected b completes the picture. I've been playing this music since the 70's and this is a slab of vinyl that gets my goats to the bus stop!
  23. Light My Fire
    by Bobby Valentine
  24. The Beach Boys - Endless Dub
    by Black Market
    Good Vibrations Good Vibrations
    When I saw this I thought "'ello, this is either going to be really good or really bad (and NOT in the Michael Jackson sense). Happily the former as these dub-ups are ACE!
  25. Chase Across Orion
    by Outer Space
    The Gate At Quasar Z-131 The Gate At Quasar Z-131
    This is definitely one of those weird albums that will be overlooked now but in 10 years time will be hailed as a left field masterpiece. It's got real tunes and is absolutely brilliant! One of the best albums I've ever bought.
  26. Acelere E.P.
    by Penya
    Acelere Acelere
    More and better alt-universe dancefloor grooviness. Open The Door Richard, I want in!!
  27. El Loco Cha Cha
    by René Touzet
    The template for "Louie Louie". Rocking '50's mambo style.
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  28. Paint It Black
    by Mohawkestra
    Paint It Black Paint It Black
    Ever wondered why the Rolling Stones are still rolling? They wrote great tunes which still sound groovy today. Especially in this funk laden version excursion.
  29. The Doors - Light My Fire (Latin Edit)
    by DJ Aksyonoff
    Absolutely fantastic blend of the 60's classic. Top mixdown!
  30. Batucada
    by Mike Patton
    What a far out otherworldly dancing groove, Twilight Zone hipster samba.
  31. The Beach Boys - Summer Dub
    by Black Market
    Don't Worry Baby Don't Worry Baby
    When I saw this I thought "'ello, this is either going to be really good or really bad (and NOT in the Michael Jackson sense). Happily the former as these dub-ups are ACE
  32. CAROL KING - It's Too Late (Jay-K's Extended ReWork)
    by jay-k
    1971 was my first inkling of my own taste. This was one of the big tunes that year.
  33. DELLA REESE - Why Don't You Do Right (Jay-K's Extended Mix)
    by jay-k
  34. ARETHA FRANKLIN - Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) (Jay-K's Extended ReGroove)
    by jay-k
    It's one of the first records (on plastic 45) I ever bought. Why not start all over again as the song saY.
  35. Móntame En La Tormenta
    by La Mecánica Popular
    Soundtrack from the road movie I wanna be in...
  36. David Bowie - The Next Dub
    by Black Market
    Life On Mars Life On Mars
    In car stereo sounds! Like a dog without a bone there's a Starman etc etc...............
  37. The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Dub
    by Black Market
    I Fought The Law I Fought The Law
    Clashmatically good dub selection.
  38. Soul Fly
    by Dames Brown
    Detroit '67 meets Detroit 2017. Retrofuturistic twisting boogaloo.
  39. Bowie in Dub
    by Black Market
    Moonage Daydream Moonage Daydream
    Weird & wonderful. More West Coast dubness
  40. Habanera Swing
    by Kuhjo
    Latin meets Hip Hop in an alternate Mambo Universe.
  41. Inflation
    by Chocolate Snow
    A Day In The Life A Day In The Life
    Fantastic version of the Beatles "A Day In The Life" on the "b" side. Funkifizes the Fab Fours magnum opus.
  42. Who's That Lady?
    by The Isley Brothers
    Who's That Lady Who's That Lady
    Back in the night of the day I used to play this from the Minit Records compilation it was featured on. (LP's were big news in the 70's up to the 90's when the cd ousted them.) Cool little 45 at last.
  43. Rufar Dos Tamborins
    by LascaMão
    Rufar Dos Tamborins Rufar Dos Tamborins
    Jazz dance batucada in Electric Ballroom style. Foot shuffling madness in order.
  44. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Timbin Justerlake Soultrain Rework)
    by emberlake
    The era of soul vocal groups is long gone, this tune is from the high watermark of those times, one of the best and soulful and funky songs ever.
  45. Valdez In The Country
    by Daniel Crawford