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  1. Twin Fantasy
    by Car Seat Headrest
    Beach Life-In-Death Beach Life-In-Death
    Come on , is car seat Headrest how you can not love this
  2. Wishfield
    by Wishfield
    Something Something
  3. Happily Ever...
    by Hit Home
    Yearning Yearning
    Fluf music
  4. town
    by kitchen
    town town
    town makes me cry every time, thanks you so much for making this masterpiece
  5. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
    Promise of the Polis Promise of the Polis
    This will rip you apart and its gonna make you enjoy it
  6. Deathcrush
    by MAYHEM
  7. still bummed
    by nouns
    dogs dogs
  8. The Hyacinth Garden
    by Graveflowers
    Fear Death by Water Fear Death by Water
    this album made me change my perpective in what good production in music should be, fuking raw as posible.
  9. Come in
    by Weatherday
    by Black Dresses
  11. Dying to Rot
    by Rotted
    Liquefied Liquefied
  12. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
    Afvegaleiðsla Afvegaleiðsla
    Lovecraft would be proud
    by O
  14. مَوْلَى
    by Mulla
  15. Out of the Hospital and Into the Morgue
    by Mouseatouille
  16. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    by MAYHEM
  17. respite_apology
    by Thin
    rinse_repeat rinse_repeat
    The best grindcore demo
    of the decade
  18. I want to be there
    by Sadness
    I want to be with you I want to be with you
    This makes me feel weird, i love it
  19. Less Life
    by Died
  20. flies the coop [demo]
    by Hole Dweller