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  1. Jelly Deals
    by Smerin's Anti-Social Club
    Tonka Tonka
    Didn't hesitate a second to buy this. Brass focused all the way. Smooth parts with great harmonies take turns with more powerful ones.
  2. Skin And Bone
    by Ben Godwin
    Outsize Shoes Outsize Shoes
    Probably the best album (as a whole) I found on bandcamp. I have yet to find the right genre for it, I'll go for awesome bluesy late-night poorly lit piano bar sound...
  3. KONG
    by TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb
    Dynamite Dynamite
    Awesome stuff. Love the new instruments and grooves, but it's still gritty blues rock.
  4. American Flowers
    by Birds of Chicago
  5. Dreams
    by Twisted Pine
  6. Mean Dog, Trampoline
    by The Suitcase Junket
  7. "Devil & Crossroads" (2013)
    by Scarecrow
  8. Twisted Pine
    by Twisted Pine
  9. Honeysuckle
    by Honeysuckle
  10. Primordial Cordial
    by Smerin's Anti-Social Club
    Lay It Bare feat Nuala Honan Lay It Bare feat Nuala Honan
    A suprising variety of styles, each song is great in its own way!
  11. The Age of Magnificent Drive
    by Mothership Caldonia
  12. Vital Signs
    by The Revivalists
  13. Tooth and Tail
    by Austin Wintory
  14. Flood Waters
    by Year of the Buffalo
    The harmonies, the build-up, a folksy guitar and that wonderful piano somewhere in the middle.
  15. This Train We Ride is Made of Wood and Steel
    by The Blind Owl Band
    Lonesome Street Lonesome Street
  16. Giraffes Out Of Bed
    by UMass Dynamics
  17. Excuses
    by Cereus Bright
  18. Renegades
    by Porno Wolves
  19. Change Yer Life
    by Bella's Bartok
  20. Written in Salt
    by The Longest Johns