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  1. Sines
    by Endurance
    Really nice electronic explorations, patiently evolving into something like a kind af cosmic stasis. Beautiful!
  2. Behind Her Name Chestnuts Fall Forever
    by Sofie Birch
    Almost album-long track by one of the most interesting practioners out there of gently experimental minimalist ambient. The haunting quailty of Birch's work is very compellling.
  3. light and gravity
    by Sima Kim & Saito Koji
    One long, patiently evolving drone that succedes in being at the same time light and substantial.
  4. On The Sea
    by Sima Kim & Saito Koji
    Lush and mysterious drone; a lot is going on beneath the swelling and surging surface.
  5. Empty Room
    by Stephan Haluska
    The harp is almost a cliché in western music. Stephan Haluska proves, that it can be used to create interesting experimental but ear-friendly music.
  6. Terelan Canyon
    by Mary Lattimore & Maxwell August Croy
    Mary Lattimore has been exploring the possibilities of the harp for quite a while. Here she partners with Maxwell August Croy on the koto, and the result is compelling, a cross between avantgarde and new age.
  7. Island Alchemy
    by Sofie Birch
    Incredibly beautiful, fragile and painterly sound-poems. 'Island Alchemy' creates its own mysterious and beguiling atmosphere.
  8. Tidal Motions
    by Fluorescent Heights
    Great shimmering seascapes nestled in a bed of beautifully softly gravelly noice.
  9. Body Trip
    by H Takahashi
    Bubbly electronic 'balls' ricochet back and forth, weaving a colorful tapestry of sound creating a hypnotic and highly addictive soundtrack to your bodily functions.
  10. Sea Meditation
    by H Takahashi
    Bublicious, aquatic noodlings from a master of minimalist electronic ambient. Lay down, put on earphones, and dissolve your worries in Takahashis underwater mini-compositions.
  11. Vertical Land
    by David John Sheppard
    At the same time lyrical and propulsive, Sheppart brings a fresh perspective to minimalist music as well as a grandeur inherent in the concept of 'Vertical Land' - sonic impressions of majestic montainious landscapes.
  12. Sunbathing Through a Glass Screen
    by Theo Alexander
    Nice collection of hypnotic, minimalist piano-compositions partly augmented by cello, double bass and tape loops.
  13. Harps Old Master
    by Phelan Sheppard
    Wonderful atmospheric record combining post-minimalism and neo-classiscism with folk and propulsive post-rock and colouring it all with electronic touches. Very much of its own kind.
  14. Nine Movements (featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
    by Matthew Liam Nicholson
    Transforming and transformative composition, evolving hypnotically over its 39.09 minutes towards a state of total relaxation. Good as a meditation tool, even better as a piece of well-composed music.
  15. Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo
    by Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina
    Mysterious and compelling italian progressive recordings from the heyday of 70's experimental music. Hard to categorize; lush, lyrical and laid back, but too substantial to be 'mere' new age or ambient and too neo-classical and cinematic to be anything sounding like rock. Probably decades ahead of its time...
  16. No Such Thing As Free Will
    by Deniz Cuylan
    Beautiful, lyrical post-minimalist guitar-confections, augmented by tasteful piano, cello and clarinet.
  17. Radiance
    by Quiet Clapping
    Two longform tracks in a deep listening vein; good for listening to while sitting down and doing some serious contemplation.
  18. Inner Geometry
    by Ascanio Borga
    Semi-vintage ambient compositions from a pre-modular age worth seeking out. For fans of Terry Riley and Klaus Schulze.
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  19. Sans Mouvement
    by Angèle David-Guillou
    A musical lesson in how to create a zen-like feeling of movement in stasis. Mesmerizing and probably great for meditation.
  20. WaveScape
    by Matt Gooderson, Catherine Greenwood
    Wonderful experimental sound paintings, depicting a somewhat melancholy but nonetheless compelling mood.