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  2. Alternative
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  1. Saturday Comes Around (double album with bonus disc of self titled debut)
    by The Artisans
  2. Pleasant Mob
    by Pleasant Mob
  3. Mummy What are Flowers For?
    by Soup Activists
  4. Hiding to Nothing
    by Postal Blue
  5. So Cold
    by Waving Blue
  6. Rain or Shine
    by Hanemoon
  7. Ten Songs
    by Assistant
  8. Half The Year
    by Nights Templar
  9. Majorette - Forever Starts Tuesday (EP)
    by Subjangle
  10. Tourist Language
    by Flowertown
  11. Shopfires
    by shopfires
  12. Fool's Mate
    by R.E. Seraphin
  13. Two Two Seven
    by Various Artists
    by disanorak
  15. Icebreaker
    by FREEZ
  16. Fading Estate (EP)
    by The Boltons
  17. Talk About Prolific
    by Zenxith
  18. Ouch!
    by Ryann Gonsalves
  19. 10 Songs I Hate About You
    by Dancer
  20. i am changing for the better
    by wallace welsh