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Pınar Tutar

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  1. Kosmocide
    by Deus Mortem
    Remorseless Beast Remorseless Beast
  2. Cadaver Circulation
    by Krypts
    Echoes Emanate Forms Echoes Emanate Forms
  3. Unending Degradation
    by Krypts
    Dormancy of the Ancients Dormancy of the Ancients
  4. Emanations of the Black Light
    by Deus Mortem
    Ceremony of Reversion part 1 Ceremony of Reversion part 1
  5. Apocalypticists
    by Kriegsmaschine
    Residual blight Residual blight
  6. Abiogenesis
    by Burial Invocation
    Visions of the Hereafter Visions of the Hereafter
  7. Dark Days Of The Soul
    by Voidhanger
    War is Certain, Peace is Not War is Certain, Peace is Not
  8. Primordial Offerings
    by Kever
    Grey Path Grey Path
  10. Malignant Thermonuclear Supremacy
    by Sarinvomit
    One Trillion Megaton One Trillion Megaton
  11. Basic Instinct (EP)
    by Promiscuity
  12. Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    by Misþyrming
    Söngur uppljómunar Söngur uppljómunar
  13. Eschaton
    by KAFIRUN
    Divine Providence Divine Providence
  14. Death Worship
    by KAFIRUN
    Killer of all man Killer of all man
  15. Survival is a Myth EP
    by Undoer
  16. The Black Market
    by No Relics
    Persona Non Grata! Persona Non Grata!
  17. Ta Ta Du
    by Nekropsi
  18. Sekizler
    by Nekropsi
  19. 2004 – Mu Sick For The Orgasmic Moron Generation
    by Sapik Inek
    Karı Dırdırı Karı Dırdırı