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  1. Avenue With Trees - A Second Language cornucopia + Secondaries
    by Various Artists
  2. Dvergmál
    by Sigur Rós, Steindór Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir
  3. A Few Scattered Hours
    by Memory Drawings
  4. Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition
    by Elliott Smith
  5. Faults, Coasts, Lines
    by loscil
  6. Ombilical + Prostheses (bonus disc)
    by Textile Ranch
  7. this drowning light
    by dakota suite
  8. See My Girls
    by tindersticks
  9. the indestructibility of the already felled
    by Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq
  10. Prowess
    by Western Edges
  11. Basement Tapes
    by Lambchop
  12. 22° Lunar Halo
    by Sigur Rós
  13. Variations On Darkness
    by Sigur Rós
  14. 1997
    by Rey Villalobos
  15. Sigur Rós presents Liminal Sleep
    by Sigur Rós
  16. Numéro (CD)
    by Auren
  17. Spain 29 September 2018 Turnhout, Belgium Cultuurhuis de Warande With Petra Haden, Jakob Hoyer
    by Spain
  18. Spain Domicil Dortmund, Germany 25 September 2018 With Petra Haden, Jakob Hoyer
    by Spain
  19. Bannockburn
    by loscil
  20. Substrata
    by Biosphere