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  1. Bow down thine ear, I bring you glad tidings
    by Cristián Alvear & d'incise
  2. Music for the Isle of Man
    by Roland Kayn
  3. Duo (Improv) 2017
    by Anthony Braxton Eugene Chadbourne
  4. The Man and the Biosphere
    by Roland Kayn
  5. Complete Analog And Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000
    by André Stordeur
  6. I love this city and its outlying lands
    by Sarah Hughes
    by HUBBUB
  8. Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music
    by Various Artists
  9. suspec siluetti
    by Wolkokrots
  10. without
    by Anne-F Jacques/Ryoko Akama
  11. 20 Years Of Experimental Music
    by Formanex with AMM, Christian Wolff, Keith Rowe, Phill Niblock, Michael Pisaro and others
  12. Consuelo
    by Chesterfield • Angélica Castelló / Burkhard Stangl
  13. Palmar Zähler
    by Alan Courtis / Jaime Genovart / Christof Kurzmann / Pablo Reche
  14. La Cave Des Étendards
    by Jérôme Noetinger & SEC_
  15. Wabi Experience
    by Wabi Experience • Federsel & Tarnovski
  16. Third Issue
    by Trio Sowari
  17. teplo_dom
    by MKM: Jason Kahn / Günter Müller / Norbert Möslang
  18. Tone
    by Kurt Liedwart
  19. Ground
    by Günter Müller x Kurt Liedwart x Norbert Möslang
  20. Punkt
    by Kurt Liedwart & Petr Vrba