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  1. Low Orbit - Crater Creator
    by Olde Magick Records
  2. Weary Traveler
    by Faerie Ring
  3. Nebulos
    by ZOM
  4. Oscillator II
    Mars Mars
    Psychedelic Russian rockers Bongtower deliver their galactic doom album Oscillator II with otherworldly concepts and a journey through the solar system. Self released on January 19th 2022, each track follows the group's odyssey from planet to planet with robotic interludes announcing each arrival and departure.

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  5. Nothing beyond the Cage (2019)
    by Desert Clouds
  6. III
    by Wolfnaut
  7. Cancel The Wall
    by The Absurd
    Squashing Pumpkins [Remaster] Squashing Pumpkins [Remaster]
    Cancel The Wall by the three piece LA desert grunge rockers The Absurd is an album that brings energy to higher levels and features vocal, percussion, and guitar driven music from start to finish.
    Originally released as Build The Wall in October of 2018, Bent Knee Records has just released a third pressing. titled Cancel The Wall.

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  8. Spitfire
    by The Chris Rolling Squad
  9. Cannonball Holocaust
    by The Chris Rolling Squad
    Trapped Inside Trapped Inside
    Like a bat out of hell comes The Chris Rolling Squad with their latest album Cannonball Holocaust. Released on April 15th, 2021, the french trio comes charging...

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  10. The Big Boycott
    by 10% Reptile
    Point Fingers Point Fingers
    A music experience like none other...chaotic and reckless stoner rock. You have to hear this!
  11. Supercluster
    by Salem's Bend
    Spaceduster Spaceduster
    So most nights I go to bed with my Ipod and headphones...and I like to end my day with music I really enjoy...I have a large collection, with much to choose from...with that said, I find myself listening to Salems Bend every night!
  12. Salem's Bend
    by Salem's Bend
    Queen of the Desert Queen of the Desert
    Love the sound of this band and their album. The fuzz guitar with awesome riffing and dirty soulful leads, mixed with fuzzy bass, great improvisational style drumming, and an eerie ghostly voice make this album a quick favorite of mine.
  13. Predatory
    by Shots In Order
    Call A Spade Call A Spade
    Dark and sinister, yet bright enough to balance it all out...A battle between piece of mind and aggression!
  14. Shots In Order
    by Shots In Order
    Drive The Nail Drive The Nail
    Shots In Order is a Metal Band Delivering Groovy Hard Rock Rhythms, Heavy Staccato Interludes, Heart Pounding Crescendos, and abrupt lyrical passages. A unique sounding combination of Metal and Rock.
  15. GRUSOM
    by GRUSOM
    The Journey The Journey
    Stumbled upon this and so glad I did...Killer vocals, killer songs, and killer instruments. My favorite influences are all over this album...This is GREAT!!! Thank You!
  16. Glass Steigal
    by Glass Steigal
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  17. The Vast Electric Dark
    by Witchskull
    The Vast Electric Dark The Vast Electric Dark
    This band and their album is by far one of my favorites...Love the riffs, licks, and hooks all over this masterpiece. Great Black Sabbath style music...A MUST BUY!
  18. Nine Years
    by Mountain Dust
    Dead Queen Dead Queen
    This band has crafted an amazing sound....Killer vocals, bass, guitars, and keys...The singer absolutely nails it!!! Powerful blues vocals on top of beautifully dark blues instrumentation! Love it!
  19. While Sleeping Stay Awake
    by Sons of Huns
    Osiris Slain Osiris Slain
    The latest addition to my music collection may very well be some of the best riffs I've ever heard. This album is completely filled with some of the finest guitar sounds and shredding that exist in my deep music collection. Vocals completely compliment this bands sound, and the bass and drums are solid and built like a brick house. The chemistry here provides musical wickedness!
    by GRUSOM