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  1. it's hard to get out of the world
    by Jesse Davis
  2. Heart Of Crime
  3. 103 Works #4
    by 103 Records
  4. Two Ends - Nature Of Nurture
    by Two Ends
  5. Earth Boy Advance
    by Earth Boy Advance
  6. SNP-019 | Surface
    by Henry Blaeser & CoastalDives
  7. Retrospective EP
    by Saber
  8. 繋がり
    by 仮想現実での生活
  9. The Infusion Collection 01
    by INFU
  10. Machines That Ache
    by Last Train to the Sun
  11. Sleep Music I
    by Ninth Sign
  12. Stardust & Hurt
    by Larry Wish
    Go Rest High on That Mountain Go Rest High on That Mountain
    Didn't know what I was getting into with a synth-centered Country cover album; turns out it's among my favorite Bandcamp finds this year.
  13. Zion of the water bead
    by Jesse Davis
  14. Backroom Aura
    by 88756
  15. ネクロマンサー
    by macroblank
    heart sinks heart sinks
    Heart Sinks hits me so hard, gorgeous track!
  16. Stella Vista International
    by Lectrik Horc
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. gèrbido
    by Fabio Battistetti
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Sonic Metamorphosis
    by AURAL
  19. Battlemania 2: King of Blues OST
    by Gonkaka
  20. The Well Tempered Machine
    by Joseph Minadeo