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  1. Natura Morta
    by Sven Wunder
  2. Monika / Zabawa w ciemności
    by Henryk Debich
  3. Nafs at Peace
    by Jaubi
  4. Bliss
    by RMFTM
  5. Squirrel Tape Instrumentals Vol. 1
    by Evidence
  6. Spirits
    by Plankton Wat
  7. Drifter's Temple
    by Plankton Wat
  8. Future Times
    by Plankton Wat
  9. Time Masters
    by Group Modular
  10. Baba Ganooz/Lost My Mind (MONA001)
    by The Turbans
  11. King Lunp Theme/Into the Light (APDLT011)
    by Beta Hector Ensemble
  12. Strain/Initiation (APDLT017)
    by Sapria
  13. Magenta Skyline/The Unresolved (APDLT015)
    by SimfOnyx
  14. Forest Creeper/Monsters at Gardens End (APDLT012)
    by Project Gemini
  15. Magic + Sparks (APDLT016)
    by Markey Funk/Men of North Country/3421
  16. Delights vs. Audio Montage (AMDLT006)
    by Markey Funk/Radio Trip/Left
  17. Chicxulub/Linus (APDLT013)
    by MNP
  18. Senza Titolo (APDLT010)
    by Nicola Spiromarino
  19. Path Through The Forest/The Ritual (APDLT014)
    by Project Gemini
  20. Black Ray/Acid Wheels (APDLT009)
    by Group Modular