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  1. The Mond
    by The Mond
    A / Spiral Country Fairy / Study In Cosmo-Kinetic / Ms. Dark Mass A / Spiral Country Fairy / Study In Cosmo-Kinetic / Ms. Dark Mass
    Fidgety alien jazz, navigating noise ricochets off aSTEROIDS, serious meaty space audity
  2. You, Unfamiliar
    by Desert Center
    Queensland Pitch Drop Queensland Pitch Drop
    First side is driving and hypnotic improvisation that isn't afraid to get low key. The second expands with abstract textures, but remains hypnotic with more subtle chaos amidst heavy drones. Really interesting listen, big thanks to Personal Archives for turning me on to this
  3. Chertamy I Ryazamy
    by BICIKL
    1st of August, 1555, at 4 PM 1st of August, 1555, at 4 PM
    Different stories told as one in a release beyond special, soundtrack-like rituals
  4. Eradicator
    by Sex Funeral
    Side B: Away Side B: Away
    Sonny Sharrock on The Process of Bleeding Out. Every Sex Funeral suite is a special ritual
  5. Auditory Witchcraft
    by Them Teeth
    Below Woods Blackened Below Woods Blackened
    Soundtrack perfection with grit and jagged atmospheres. folk, classical, jazz and more all in this bitches brew. Tom Waits should spend some serious time with this on.
  6. The E.P.'s Of C.C.
    by Convivial Cannibal
    Destrüktör Destrüktör
    Hypnotic aural voodoo for Autokabalesis, rituals of cosmic pessimism, on a diet of healthy humans
  7. Death Dubitabilis
    by Convivial Cannibal
    Monger Earth Monger Earth
    Transmissions from a timeless tribe documenting any facet of some suicide reality, not grounded with
    cults of fear. Monochromatic and tough psychedelia
  8. C24 split
    by Cancer Lake / Bullshit Market
    Cancer Lake - Melting Man Meets Boiling Boy Cancer Lake - Melting Man Meets Boiling Boy
    Cancer Lake taking the black jazz into punchier territory couples sickly with BSM! Play this tape on a loop!
  9. Musik der 25. Aktion
    3 3
    What more can be said of the true godfather of primal performance art and his unhinged ritual orgy music? The dynamic of the collective scream as the root of noise . . . an audio document revived of lustful history for those of us who couldn't be there
  10. North Hex
    by Burning Tree
    North Hex North Hex
    Relentless balloon lungs are hard at work on this short sharp blasting freakout!
    Hexperience 2012-2013 Hexperience 2012-2013
    Transcendental darkness and old-school eerie psych melt together in these lysergic rituals for tribes of this world, and not . . .
  12. Faire l'amour aux banques (2015)
    by Gens Chrétiens + Sam Shalabi / Le Veau/The Veal
    Contradictions Contradictions
    Abrasive improv that will have the uninitiated at times grinding their teeth and eardrums wincing, and leading them to epileptic seizures at others!
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  13. The Man Who Drank God
    by Ak'chamel the Giver of Illness
    Song of Serpents Song of Serpents
    Moondog's blind third eye opening, offering its sleep dust as communion. Yet another great ear ritual from the givers of illness.
  14. MURDER MURDER "Crime Scene Stylee"
    by Ratskin Records
    Live at LCM : 10/3/2013 Live at LCM : 10/3/2013
    Filthy and blasting free improv that calls to my mind both the snuff jazz of Borbetomagus and classics of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, like Airway. A war-like conversation
  15. Midst
    by Modo Koagon & Teuthis Galore
    Chicken Detox Ritual Chicken Detox Ritual
    A documented dream inside of the palimpsest of a nightmare . . .
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  16. Flavour of the Cold Spot
    by FJF
    subscriber exclusive
  17. Go As Death/Sunshine Girl
    by Go As Death/Sunshine Girl
    Droopy Spikes Droopy Spikes
    Go As DeatH slaps you gently with ghost waves in an erased eternal return that is heavy fog on the brain.
    Sunshine Girl penetrates the haze with festering sonar and micro-rhythms. a crumbling lowercase nightmare that is immense internally.
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