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  1. Chapter Two: The Resistance
    by Ancient Mastery
    The black metal of Ancient Mastery is really good, yet somehow the black metal sections are only interludes between even better parts that are barely metal at all. That adds up to some damn fine songwriting.
  2. Mystic
    by Elderoth
  3. Reflexia
    by Te Deum
    I had never heard of Te Deum, despite their having existed in the heydey of Death-Doom. The pure form is scarce in 2022, so I'm happy that's what they play, and play well. Tempos are mid to high, harmonies are plentiful, and a layer of keys is always there adding tons of texture. After sampling their older work, I can say this is their most mature effort, and the switch to English really works well. There's not a single dull track. I love this album and really hope the band stays active.
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  4. Rast
    by Arvinger
  5. Urfader
    by Grimner
    Just when you think you've kicked the habit of listening to this type of super catchy Swedish folk metal, Grimner come back again like that degenerate friend from out of town, and you're powerless to say no. Next morning you wake up under a bridge with a damn troll. Or is that just me? Grimner remain the best at what they do, so no regrets!
  6. Thorr-Axe / Archarus - The Hobbit Split-Album
    by Archarus
    Erebor Erebor
    "Energetic stoner metal" is a bit of an oxymoron, but it's the only type I like. Most in the genre have a laid back vibe, even when the tempo gets high. What's better, these Archarus songs are a huge improvement over the album, especially in the vocal department. I want more just like this! With Thorr-Axe defunct, Archarus is my only hope.
  7. Thorr-Axe / Archarus - The Hobbit Split
    by Thorr-Axe
  8. The Great Schism (Thorr-Axe half)
    by Thorr-Axe
  9. Only A Dream, Can Kill A Dream...
    by Floating Worlds
  10. Thus Always to Tyrants
  11. Slaves and Gods
    by Helsott
  12. Bestial (EP)
    by Almach
    River River
    "River" is as great as a song as any Almach has released, but "Bestial" (the song) is really a road I hope not to see explored any further. Fine for an experiment, but I'm afraid I couldn't follow!
  13. Witness: Thirteen Songs Of What Could Be
    by Saideth
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  14. Wounds
    by Nostalghia
  15. ...To Tread the Ancient Waters
    by Amaurot
  16. Overtaker
    by Hammers Of Misfortune
  17. Iustizia
    by Cremisi
  18. Anthropocene
    by Behind your Fear
    It's just amazing to hear Stefanie Duchene again, but what makes it even better is that the music is on par with anything she did with Flowing Tears! Welcome back and thank you!
  19. Midnight Danger
    by Nekonomicon
    I don't like cluttering my collection with lots of single tracks. But Nekonomicon is always the exception because every song is just so damn fun. While I'm a bit bummed by the change in singers from the album, Anne-Line sounds like she's up to the task!
  20. The Elder One
    by NEHQUOH