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Patrick Ryan

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  1. Nameless and Dead
    by Indeterminable
    Intro Intro
  2. End Of The World EP
    by Cast A Cyclone
    New Beginnings New Beginnings
  3. Inspire
    by Polyphia
    Impassion Impassion
  4. Revision
    by Inventure
    Life of Creation Life of Creation
  5. Voices
    by Along Shorelines
    Traitors Traitors
    It's impossible to pick a favorite track. Every one has it's own unique way of delivering fresh new sound, definitely no other band like them in the metal genre. With memorable vocals, whether clean or not, cool riffs, and intense heavy parts. This album is really enjoyable to listen to.
  6. Dichotomy
    by Polaris
    The Undertow The Undertow
    Each song from this album has so much energy, power, and brutal force. Every second is a work of art. None of it sounds the same or could ever get boring. It is just a masterpiece. Needs to be more well known.
  7. Full Circle
    by Sunwalker
    Oblivion Oblivion
  8. Envision
    by Sea of Trees
    Envision Envision
  9. The Truth Is In Front Of You - Deluxe Edition -
    by Dawn Of The Maya
    Everest Everest