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  1. See The Light (feat. Xenoyr)
    by Lindsay Schoolcraft
  2. Human Cattle
  3. IONO
    by SPHERES
  4. No Retreat
    by Hellhook
  5. Micro
    by Jinjer
  6. Seeress
    by FIEND
  7. The Book of Suffering - Tome II
    by Cryptopsy
  8. The Book of Suffering- Tome 1
    by Cryptopsy
  9. Sin Use It
    by Fuzz Theory
  10. Spirals
    by stonefromthesky
  11. Phenomankind
    by Cor Serpentii
  12. Beautiful Ruin
    by Converge
  13. Clandestine (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Entombed
  14. The Light That Shines
    by Fractal Gates
  15. An Zéro
    by OEstre
  16. The Infernal Depths of Hatred [remastered] [Kvlt Series]
    by ANATA
  17. Burning Heads
    by Burning Heads
  18. Vanitas
    by In Twilight's Embrace
  19. Erase Yer Head #8
    by Burning Heads
  20. Escape Alive!
    by Burning Heads
  21. Let's Go
    by Trouble Every Day
  22. Chapter I - Inconsolabilis
    by HACRIDE
  23. Sentient Horror - Ungodly Forms
    by Sentient Horror
  24. Close To Collapse
    by Heartlay
  25. Ascend (EP)
  26. KXLU Live 1999
    by Burning Heads
  27. EP
  28. Vultures Chapter 1
    by Always War
  29. The Beaten Path EP
    by Mourn
  30. Crafted By Society EP
    by Brought By Pain
  31. Trembling EP
    by In Twilight's Embrace
  32. RINGWORM Poison (Venom)
    by A389 Recordings
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Glasrew Point
    by Wheelfall
  34. Iter
    by Simplixity
  35. The Dead of Winter
    by Lindsay Schoolcraft
  36. The Grim Muse
    by In Twilight's Embrace
  37. Live in Paris
    by Fractal Gates
  38. Project X
    by Ataraxie
  39. To Wake the Dead (Bonus Track)
    by Exhumed
  40. Necromaniac (Bonus Track)
    by Exhumed
  41. Unclean (Bonus Track)
    by Exhumed
  42. Forged In Fire (Formed In Flames) (Bonus Track)
    by Exhumed
  43. The Way of All Flesh (Bonus Track)
    by Exhumed
  44. St. Anger Remake (by Achokarlos)
    by Achokarlos
  45. Deadly Business
    by Jasta