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  1. Eye of the Sea
    by Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott
  2. Timeline
    by Suarasama
  3. Going Off Topic
    by The Filibuster Saloon
  4. All About All
    by Le Tout Sur Le Tout
  5. Wormwood and Cardoon
    by Spora Junket
  6. Spleen Songbook Vol. 1
    by George Korein and the Spleen
    Spoiler non-alert in a post-truth world: even though I actually listened to this entire album, I either won't say or don't know if it answers the million dollar question: who is the next Phil Collins?
  7. Music for Drums and Guitar
    by Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki
  8. pop instrumentals
    by jason willett
  9. Natural Selection
    by Dan Weiss
  10. Starebaby
    by Dan Weiss
  12. 22
    by Wippy Bonstack
  13. Murmurations
    by Eyeless Owl
  14. The Walled City of Mytheme
    by George Korein and the Spleen
    Picardy Worms Picardy Worms
    This album of unprequelled outsider prog truly grabbed me by the nutmilksack and squirted wholesome musical joy straight into my titanium water bottle for safe sipping. Honestly, this kept jamming my music pleasure buttons, especially my post-rockist acoustic guitar fetish, evocations of Cheval de Frise. Normally I despise spoken word, but George's discography is littered with genius and/or non-banal wordplay and these tracks are perfect examples of his talents.
  15. Comradely Objects
    by Horse Lords
  16. Vermont, NPR and Coffee
    by The Filibuster Saloon
  17. Dale takes a walk at 3a.m.
    by The Filibuster Saloon
  18. JFK Jr. (a.k.a. Elvis Presley)
    by The Filibuster Saloon
  19. ScorpionCrabFish
    by The Filibuster Saloon
  20. Eyeless Owl
    by Eyeless Owl
    This hits so many of the magical blissout highs of basically everything by the Coniguliaro brothers. I could play it over and over without losing interest.