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  1. Fantasy Mansion
    by Captain Credible
    Fantasy Mansion Fantasy Mansion
    The PCB is one of the most inventive and entertaining things I have ever come across on the internet. I'm having so much fun with it but reshuffling my DNA is takign it'ss toll... i thinnnk meyb i shud stp bfor th dmonss com fr m...
    by Carpenter Brut
    Disco Zombi Italia Disco Zombi Italia
  3. Star Wolf
    by Star Wolf
    Travelers In Time Travelers In Time
    No matter how many times I hear it, it never gets old. My first listen hit me in the gut and I never quite recovered. Highly recommended!
  4. Lonely Mountains
    by Silent Cabin
    Lonely Mountains Lonely Mountains
  5. The Lord of the Fairies
    by RævJäger
    Symphony of Arcane Flame Symphony of Arcane Flame
    Beautiful! I love that this album comes with a story. You can only guess at what's happening through the music, but that makes it all the better as the story changes each time you listen to it. I enjoy 'Symphony of Arcane Flame', it reminds me of one of my favourite video game songs (Zelmite Mines track from Dark Chonicle).
  6. Tome III
    by Erang
    Summer Of The Troll Summer Of The Troll
    I listened to this while writing my thesis and translating texts for hours and hours. It really helped me concentrate and it's so nostalgic to me, of old video games and daydreams I once had. So, thank you, your music is great! Also because I translate old manuscripts it really helped me feel connected to them a little more, I don't know why, maybe because the music feels evocative of old places and forgotten times. Like others have said, it's really inspiring! Thank you!
  7. Is Satan Real?
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
    Mountain Heart Mountain Heart
  8. Long Lost Relics Of Power
    by Oldenhelm
    Spells of Aeonian Starlight Spells of Aeonian Starlight
    I discovered dungeon syth with this EP - the perfect first impression!
  9. In the Misty Hills Lies a Forgotten Tale
    by Dwalin
    Thangorodrim Thangorodrim
  10. I Made You Something
    by The Island of Misfit Toys
    Bath Bath
    by Erang
    1982 1982
  12. The Lighthouse of Dreams Keeper [single]
    by RævJäger
    The Lighthouse of Dreams Keeper The Lighthouse of Dreams Keeper
  13. A Journey Across Primordial Lands (3 Way Split)
    by Splendorius Barak Tor RævJäger
    RævJäger - Bealtaine on a Dagger Mountain RævJäger - Bealtaine on a Dagger Mountain
  14. When Warhorn and Magical Flute sing together [EP]
    by RævJäger
    In this Kingdom of Darkness I am the Torch In this Kingdom of Darkness I am the Torch
  15. The Tale of Axe & Torch
    by RævJäger
    Let's a little bit Planeswalk Let's a little bit Planeswalk