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Founder of Pink Elephants. 100-proof blogger. Coffee. Tea. Water. Whiskey. Weed. Beer. Blog. Repeat. 15% hobo. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


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  1. Jams From the Sun (Pyramidal & Domo Split LP)
    by Domo
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    Viajero del Cosmos Viajero del Cosmos
  2. Theia
    by Elephant Tree
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    The Sead The Sead
    I'm really glad I purchased the second Elephant Tree album before the first one. It's not that this record is bad, per se, just, shall we say...amateurish. It's clear when this album was recorded that Elephant Tree was struggling to find their voice, clinging more to their influences rather than using them as a springboard towards new and different expressions. Their sophomore effort, by contrast, sounds like a completely different band. But you don't get one without the other, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Elephant Tree
    by Elephant Tree
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    Surma Surma
    This album is fantastic. The production is so much more lavish and rich than on Theia, and the quality of the songwriting has grown by leaps and bounds. In a genre where it's all too easy for bands to wear their influences on their sleeve, Elephant Tree sounds - dare I say it - thoroughly original. Keep up the great work, fellas!
  4. Attack Of The Altaica (Demo V2)
    by Elephant Tree
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    This is a great song, and while the final version on "Theia" has a lot more spit and polish on it, the raw power and rougher mix of this demo cut actually make it my preferred take on the song. I imagine it's a closer approximation of Elephant Tree's live sound, and if that's the case, they need to schedule a West Coast tour IMMEDIATELY.
  5. Beyond the 4th Door
    by Eternal Tapestry
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    Ancient Echoes Ancient Echoes
    The atmospheric qualities of "Beyond The 4th Door" make a great soundtrack for all manner of meditative practice; the lack of firm structures and syncopation create a dreamlike quality that is quite pleasing, but loses something with more active listening. In other words, this record sounds best when you're not paying particularly close attention to it.
  6. The Witching Hour
    by Doctor Smoke
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    From Hell From Hell
    Doctor Smoke sounds like what might have happened if Dave Mustaine had gone on to back Ozzy rather than starting Megadeth. "The Witching Hour" is a fun album, but the production and the songwriting are a bit monotonous, making the tracks better suited for party mixes. I bet they're one helluva live act, though. Highlight track: "From Hell," with that killer sax solo!
  7. EP
    by Naxatras
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    Pulsar 4000 Pulsar 4000
    This EP sounds very transitional, compared to the more premeditated sound of the first two albums. It's the sort of thing you'd produce to work a get a few things out of your system before working on something grander. But if this is the future of Naxatras, then sign me up: it's bigger, brighter, and more in-your-face than their previous efforts, and promises to take the listener on a truly incredible audio journey. Can't wait to see what's next!
  8. Naxatras
    by Naxatras
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    Shiva's Dance Shiva's Dance
    Naxatras is what you get when Fu Manchu and The Strokes eat a whole bunch of peyote and wander the desert together for a few days. It's ghostly and trippy, yet deeply rooted in straightforward rhythms and grooves. A solid cruising record for late night drives under the full moon, with a handful of doobies and a quart of bourbon in the glove box.
  9. II
    by Naxatras
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    Garden of the Senses Garden of the Senses
    A work of startling brilliance, "II" builds on the transcendental nature of their first effort in a number of powerful ways, laughing in the face of the "sophomore slump" to deliver an album that is better than the first by leaps and bounds. Which is saying a lot, because their first album is incredible. For optimal listening pleasure, headphones and a blunt are essential.
  10. Domo
    by Domo
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    Nadi Nadi
    by Mississippi Gun Club
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    Brand New PIG Brand New PIG


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