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  1. Verge of Collapse
    by Nihilsect
  2. ...un torügg bleev blot Sand
    by Friisk
  3. Ad Mortem & Preacher's Lament
    by Ancient Mastery
    These two tracks are excellent, thank you for sharing your talents.

    The start of track 1 grabbed me first day, while I get a mad bang off Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” in track 2 but done as atmospheric BM??? Nice change in the vocals as well.

    Yep, very tasty intro to AM here, I definitely need to check out some of the earlier works…
  4. Mauled By A Magical Bear With Scalding Hot Liquid Cheese Spraying From Its Eyesockets
    by Chopping Mall
  5. Seven Portals To The Arcane Realms
    by Urdôl Ur
  6. Ikuinen Kamppailu
  7. Turm am Hang
    by Horn
    This was a great, late find for me in 2020. As 2021 draws to a close I had to buy it a 2nd time for a physical LP release as it’s been in my top 5 most played since.

    It’s a terrific, passionate album with many memorable sections and anthems that keep popping up in my head when not actually listening to this. I’m not a fan of the earlier stuff but this is gold.

    Cover led me to discovering When Bitter Spring Sleeps - check them out!
  8. Mohngang
    by Horn
  9. Alpenrekorder
    by Horn
  10. Comatose - The Ungodly Lamentations
    by Comatose
  11. Prying Sight Of Imperception
    by Galvanizer
  12. Concrete - dawn of Revival RTM071
    by Concrete
  13. Flesh Eater - Cadaver and Corpses
    by Rebirth the Metal Productions
  14. Θλίψις
    by Θλίψις/Thlipsis
  15. Words of Eroding Worlds
    by Atheos
  16. Cemetery Sickness
    by Desecration
  17. Delirium
    by Wyrmhaven
  18. Damnatio Ad Bestias
    by Imprecation
  19. Preserved In Torment
  20. Teethed Glory & Injury