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  1. S/T CD
    by OVENS
    Lame Song #224 Lame Song #224
    One of my favorite hidden gem 'punk' records. Beautifully crafted power pop without a wasted note. Just puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it.
  2. Songs From San Mateo County
    by Tony Molina
    Don't See The Point Don't See The Point
    Tony's brand of amazing, brief pop-punk gets better every time I hear it. This is a compilation, so there's his early, crunchy Weezer-style material mixed in with the wistful, Lennonesque modern material.
  3. Cocaine Mitch
    by Total Massacre
    Vicious tune for vicious times.
  4. Manipulator
    by Ty Segall
    Just astounding. As far from Melted as Melted was from the records that came before it. Manipulator is the work of a mature, singular, incredible artistic vision. Favorite track: The Singer
  5. Twins
    by Ty Segall
  6. Slaughterhouse
    by Ty Segall Band
    2012 saw Ty going more and more psych, but he stuck with the beastly garage rock crunch with the Ty Segall Band. Fuzzed out and brutal. Favorite track: Death
  7. L'autrichienne
    by Jucifer
    To Earth To Earth
    Jucifer's first 10 years all led to this masterpiece. It's here that they perfected their 'Melvins fronted by Kim Deal' sound, to the point that they had no choice but to start over with a totally new sound on the next record. Huge, sludgy, viscous, and dreamlike, all at once.
  8. Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives
    by Shut It Down Comp
    Where Have All the Windows Gone Where Have All the Windows Gone
    49 tracks of various 'extreme music' genres... punk, hardcore, experimental, etc... all for a great cause. Highest recommendation.
  9. Chaudelande
    by Gnod
    Genocider Genocider
    Just incendiary, propulsive kosmiche-influenced space rock. The rhythms are rock-solid and despite the song lengths, they never feel like they're dragging.
  10. Black Light District
    by Coil
    Cold Dream of an Earth Star Cold Dream of an Earth Star
    Very experimental, mostly instrumental, electronic work. This is so far gone from Coil's dance/industrial work, I get 20th century classical vibes from some of the pieces.
  11. ELpH vs COIL - Worship The Glitch
    by Coil
    A series of short electronic pieces made via chance accidents. More 'interesting' than something you'd listen to regularly, it's still a great example of 'the studio as composer' a la Nurse With Wound's 'Soliloquy for Lilith'.
  12. Time Machines
    by Coil
    One of my favorite ambient records. Four long, slow, psychedelic pieces, each 'based' on a different hallucinogen. John Balance said he wanted to create music that let the listener escape time, and I think he succeeded.
  13. NJRM-002 King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe "Sing More Songs Together..."
    by King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe
  14. Musick to Play in the Dark
    by Coil
  15. Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here's the Reatards
    by The Reatards
    Out of My Head, Into My Bed Out of My Head, Into My Bed
    Just total ugly, snotty, nasty punk rock. The kind of music that parents are worried their kids are going to listen to. Sounds like it was recorded in a concrete drainage pipe.
  16. Wrong Way Up [Expanded Edition]
    by Brian Eno & John Cale
  17. Glynnaestra
    by Grumbling Fur
  18. Mission Of Christ
    by Supreme Echo
    Skies Of Revelation Skies Of Revelation
    Nasty Canadian speed metal featuring Stephen McBean, the future Black Mountain frontman. Perfect for your Slayer-lovin' heart.
  19. Corky's Debt To His Father
    by Mayo Thompson
    Great out-there late '60s folk. Reminds me of if Dylan was way more avant-garde, which is saying something. Favorite track: The Lesson
  20. Daniel Bachman [2016]
    by Daniel Bachman
    A Dog Named Pepper A Dog Named Pepper
    There was no way Bachman was going any further with the style he perfected on The River, so he didn't even try. Instead, what we have here is a rebirth; a new self-titled album to start the next chapter in his amazing career. Rather than leaning on steel-string virtuosity, Daniel Bachman [2016] is dark and atmospheric, introducing strange drones and found sounds into the mix. This album proves that Daniel can do anything.