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  1. EDM T
    by Lord of the D
  2. ...And With The Fading Of The Light
    by Jim Muir Slideshow
    How The North Of England Saved My Life How The North Of England Saved My Life
    As a slightly strange teenager I was heavily into Action Spectacular. Those records still mean a lot to me, so finding this album 20 years later was a delight. It's not more of the same, but it is (obviously) in the same lineage, though more delicate and poignant. I can see why some critics drew a lazy comparison with Pulp, but to my mind a closer comparison would be someone like Barney Farmer - storytelling that finds beauty and horror in the mundane, with an occasional tiny glimmer of hope.
  3. Moon Mountain of the Fords
    by Frog Pocket
    Mountain Village Jupiter Lady Mountain Village Jupiter Lady
    Had the CD for years but it's gone missing, so time to upgrade to new-fangled digital timeless Moon Mountain sounds.
  4. Ether Overdose
    by EOD
  5. EAP
    by EOD
  6. Time and Tune
    by Grampian Horn
  7. Gef! The Dalby Spook Audio Experience
    by Christopher Josiffe & Chris Hill
  8. Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures I
    by Posthuman & Chevron
  9. Come On Primate Single
    by Frog Pocket
  10. seeing and doing
    by christ.
  11. Possibilities - Remixed
    by Chevron
  12. Lifeshake
    by Chevron
  13. Souvenirs
    by Channel Swimmer
  14. Essex Spacebin OST
    by Andy Jenkinson
  15. Bulk Dump
    by Chevron
  16. Isolation loops Lidell's Hainbach companion sample pack
    by Jamie Lidell
  17. Thank You For Your Consideration
    by Venetian Snares
  18. Gremlins (1984) Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  19. Jingle All the Way Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  20. Samurai Cop Commentary Track - Half in the Bag
    by Red Letter Media