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  1. Sun & Mirror
    by Kaela Sinclair
    Ghosts You've Won Ghosts You've Won
    Discovered like almost everyone thanks to her stunning performances with M83 for Junk album/tour.
  2. Kakkoii!
    by Romain Gauthier
    Kakkoii c'est Sugoiii !
  3. Lost Station
    by fusq
    Perfume! Perfume!
    I love all 4 tracks. But listening to 20 sec of Perfume! at the end of a youtube video convinced me to buy the album.
    Amazing effect !
  4. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Another Medium Another Medium
    Fight music are usually very easy to remember in RPG (because you hear them a lot) So let's forget them for a moment.
    'Another Medium' is so original and mesmerizing : it's the true hidden gem of the game. (I love you too 'Fallen Down')