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  1. Check In
    by Kontroll-Raum
  2. Epiphany
    by Beyond Berlin / Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker
  3. Industrial Symphony
    by Julia Bondar
  4. The Capitol Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  5. Autokino Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  6. Ballhaus Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  7. Icicled Drone Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  8. Out of the Silence - Collaboration version
    by Sequentia Legenda
  9. MIND LAKE [experimental version]
    by Sequentia Legenda
  10. THE RETURN experimental version
    by Sequentia Legenda
  11. margot
    by BURG
  12. Ephemera
    by Ehsan Gelsi
  13. Free floating Grooves
    by Gert Emmens, John Dyson, Spyra, Rudy Adrian, Beyond Berlin, VoLt, and Awenson.
  14. Nucleosynthesis
    by VOLT
  15. Halcyon
    by Pillion
  16. Booster VI
    by Tangerine Dream
  17. Lost In Strings
    by Tangerine Dream
  18. Conquest of the Moon (as Penterakt)
    by Kubusschnitt
  19. Contemplation
    by Hélène Vogelsinger
  20. VOICES 55 [EXCLUSIVE Version]
    by sequentia legenda