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  1. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
  2. The Garden Of Existence
    by Widek
  3. Renewal
    by Scoparia
  4. Inward
    by The Faceplant
    Resemblance Resemblance
    Quite simply the best Romania has to offer in terms of riffy grooviness. Engaging songwriting, great delivery and sick breakdowns. 140% moshable. Let 'er rip!
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  5. Shadowplay
    by Theo Young
    Cold Snap Cold Snap
    This could quite possibly be the pinnacle of bedroom prog. There's not much else i can really say that the music doesn't.
  6. Press 1 For Music
    by Blumen
    Falling Down (feat. StarSystems, Michael Riehlman, Benjamin Bailey) Falling Down (feat. StarSystems, Michael Riehlman, Benjamin Bailey)
    Really nice jazzy, proggy, fusiony goodness. Digestible, entertaining and most importantly well put together.
  7. To Heal a Broken Body
    by A Cunning Man
    Picatrix & The Calcine Alchemist Picatrix & The Calcine Alchemist
    The scottish accents are literally everything - amazing. The music is also great. Very much looking forward to hearing from these guys with new material!
  8. es taut
    by Soldat Hans
    Story of the Flood Story of the Flood
    Absolutely crazy. An album with a truly unique approach. This is hardcore done in the most unconventional way. Splendid musicianship and amazing songwriting. Although i must say this one's a grower by most standards. Remarkable album, can't overstate that enough.
  9. Petrichor
    by KEOR
    Petrichor Petrichor
    Great cinematic prog music right here. Keor has great chances of becoming a driving force in the genre if ulterior progress is favorable.
  10. Burned In Effigy
    by Palace Of Mourning
    Pain Demands To Be Felt Pain Demands To Be Felt
    I’d like to underline the fact that the band’s moniker, the album name, and the song titles are some of the most aggressive I’ve encountered. This is not only fitting for the tunes Palace of Mourning churn out on the record, but it also stays true to the heart of everything that the hardcore aesthetic implies. It’s extremely satisfying to say the least. To summarize though - nice chuggy goodness all around.
  11. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
    kit kit
    This album is akin to a living breathing work of art. Very few bands manage to create such cohesive and organic work. The people in this band can truly be called artists without a hesitation, in the truest senses of the word. A marvelous journey into bliss and darkness which cannot be properly expressed in words.
  12. The Complexity of Light
    by Children of Nova
    The Order The Order
    One of the greatest progressive rock/metal albums out there. What else could one even say? An absolute must for fans of the genre.
  13. Still
    by Dionaea
    Meraquo Meraquo
    Spectacular musicianship and amazing songwriting. Post-grind really encompasses the stylistic range in which this album falls. It is a superb piece of work and anyone who really likes music should check this out. Words just don't do justice to what this is.
  14. Endorphinia
    by Follow The White Rabbit
    Few Stories Of A Deserted Forest Few Stories Of A Deserted Forest
    In my opinion, this is the GREATEST extreme music album out there. A veritable masterpiece that showcases stellar songwriting and even more stellar performance. An album that should be heard by all music lovers regardless of their preferences. A true artistic marvel. Words just can't encompass what this is.
  15. Shape and Void
    by Castor's Hollow
    Court of Dragons Court of Dragons
    Castor’s Hollow have an extremely solid debut here. Shape and Void mightily drives forward the modern end of hardcore. The record is extremely engaging, holding a little nugget for everyone. Amidst the torrent of pissed off riffs and massive screams, there’s a veritable well of potential that awaits to be further tapped. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. If there would be a ‘Most Moshable Album Award’, it would go to Shape and Void, without even the slightest shred of doubt in mind.
  16. Unloved
    by Frontierer
    Bombgnasher Bombgnasher
    Although i really can't decide between Tumoric & Bombgnasher i picked the latter cause it feels more chaotic. This record is a relentless testament to the fierceness of this genre, it is quite easily album of the year for me. It also mightly carries the torch of now (sadly) defunct bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and in equal measure take the sonic movement forwad along the likes of Car Bomb, Ion Dissonance and such. 11/10 would unlove!
  17. Hive
    by Hath
    Apparition Apparition
    Very solid death music. Hath are a sonic force to be reckoned with. They are easily one of the finest bands in the genre at the moment.
  18. Of Rot and Ruin
    by Hath
    Rituals Rituals
    Hath have undoubtedly recorded what is simply one of the best debuts I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Not only to they ram the listener to smithereens, but they do so in an engaging fashion that is perfectly epitomized by the album title – Of Rot and Ruin. This album is definitely a solid contender for metal album of the year, and is something no fans of extreme music should sleep on in any way. May Hath reign long and brutal.
  19. Costero
    by Slow Meadow
    Boy in a Water Globe Boy in a Water Globe
    Wonderful album. Sweet and soothing melodies that are sure to caress every corner of one's being.
  20. Roots
    by Pangaea
    Old Soul Old Soul
    An amazing staple of metal, one of the reasons why metal is anything but dead. This is a must for any and all fans of the genre. A unique take on what this beloved genre is. 11/10 would bang.
  21. Tiny Fragments
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
    Tiny Fragments Part Three Tiny Fragments Part Three
    I'm not sure there are words out there that can properly encompass what this nugget of gold is about. It's an exemplary show of talent and really it's kind of a shame the band didn't continue in this direction. I can't blame them for wanting to take their sound forward, but this - this is something unlike anything out there. Tiny Fragments is one of my all time favorites and it has a special place in my heart.
  22. Unified
    by Pangaea
    Thanatophobia Thanatophobia
    Easily one of the most promising debuts of the '10's. An amazing blend of extreme metal elements, great riffing, spectacular performance. I mean what more could you ask for? The major shortcoming of this record is its runtime - it's too short.
  23. Absolution
    by Akshara
    Ethereal Damnation Ethereal Damnation
    Although these guys aren't doing something exactly new (sounds like a more techy mix of a cross between Lamb of God and Textures) they definitely shed new light on this stylistic niche. I am personally impressed with this EP, especially for a debut, Akshara are showing a massive amount of promise. Hopefully they will stick to their guns and refine their craft - and of course - put out a debut full length as soon as possible. It's a shame such good music is so criminally underrated and unknown.
  24. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    Black Blood Black Blood
    Never has metal reached a more dissonant, odd-metered and chaotic apotheosis. Car Bomb (along with Frontierer) carry on the torch of math infused metal madness into a new age. Meta delivers above and beyond and even though i'm really hung over Black Blood and Sets nothing even comes close to the absolutely fire and brimstone balls to the wall ending in Gratitude - that riff is life.
  25. Hidden Dimensions
    by Widek
    Satellite (feat. Owane & Paul Wardingham) Satellite (feat. Owane & Paul Wardingham)
    JTTS set a certain bar, so, expectations were high. Unfortunately it doesn't surpass JTTS however it has a different charm. Bits like Gravity and Satellite really had me going. Production keeps getting more refined - something i really enjoy. I guess it's also the sound of all the Mayoneses on the record that gets me hard.
  26. Dream Reflection
    by Widek
    Daydreamer (feat. Adam Rafowitz) Daydreamer (feat. Adam Rafowitz)
    I'm noticing a pattern in the album recipes. It's a good recipe too, it manages to stay more or less the same but with every new iteration sounding better and better. I don't really think there's anything better out there in terms of post-djenty-space metal.
  27. Journey To The Stars
    by Widek
    Canis Majoris (feat. Per Nilsson) Canis Majoris (feat. Per Nilsson)
    This was the album that had me like "just wow". Up until here it was promising (even though not exceptional) but this is where the whole post-djent-space melanje reached its proper form. Beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking. One of the best such albums i've ever heard
  28. Aurora Borealis
    by Widek
    Binary Stars (feat. Gru) Binary Stars (feat. Gru)
    A noteworthy spark in a sea of boring djenty albums. This is the record that made me pay closer attention to Widek and his musical output.
  29. Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
    by Rolo Tomassi
    Aftermath Aftermath
    This record is one of the finest unions i have heard between the serene and the dark. It truly is a marvelous testament of the band's progress