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  1. Ekosystem
    by Ekodust
    Understory Understory
    Wow – what a discovery! This is really good :)
  2. Secret Garden
    by µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx
  3. Wandering Stars
    by Cathode Ray Tube
  4. Departure From Sol
    by Faestos
  5. Džiunglių Dvasios - Nightfall
    by Džiunglių Dvasios
  6. The Dub Cycle
    by Ajnkana
    by Cathode Ray Tube
  8. Trasparenze
    by Music For Sleep
  9. High In The Middle
    by Milieu
  10. Beyond The Five Senses
    by Aura Fresh
  11. FIGURE
    by Tears Of Change
  12. Magnetic
    by Xoki & Hieronymus
    Zoom Zoom
    It's rough, it's dirty, it's slow, it's heavy. I love it.
  13. Radiant
    by ObsoleteTechnology
  14. Inside The Soundscape
    by Kuba Sojka
  15. The Healing Power Of The Moog
    by Music For Sleep
  16. Stellar Debris
    by Milieu
    Starway To The Stairs Starway To The Stairs
    Milieu takes you on a ride to a future that we seem to have lost somewhere on the way. Nice early AFX vibes, feeling confident enough to not show off with exhausting beat and FX trickery.

    Set phasers to "Play! and enjoy the ride. Highly recommended!
  17. Full Sunken Breaks
    by Kid Spatula
    Hill Street Blues Hill Street Blues
    This album gets waaaay too little praise imho. Definitely stood the test of time in my music collection and i keep coming back to it regularly bc it's just so whimsical and adorably lighthearted. Maybe not as detailed and complex as the big µ-Ziq albums, but why not have some straight inncoent fun?

    Bought it here again on bandcamp because i couldn't remember where my old mp3s came from. I guess soulseek ...
  18. Cathode Ray Tube-Trogloxene
    by Cathode Ray Tube
    Change The Beginning Change The Beginning
    These ever changing sound- and beatscapes make you feel like you have been thrown down a wireless datastream of bits and bytes. Chunks of data flow by while you observe swirls of connecting and deconnecting information.

    Pre-confield Autechre comes into my mind, as well as other 2000's industrial leaning IDM acts like Gridlock and Displacer. But Cathode Ray Tube has managed to create his own distinct niche within the genre.

    Maybe my favourite CRT album :)
    by ATHEUS
    by ATHEUS