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  1. Alnair in August
    by Envy
  2. As Serenity Calls Your Name
    by Envy
  3. No One Knows What The Dead Think
    by No One Knows What The Dead Think
  4. Head Cage
    by Pig Destroyer
  5. Black Christmas Evil ep
    by Acid Witch
  6. Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0
    by BlackLab
  7. Assimilation
    by Ben Vince
  8. Cinereous Incarnate
    by Abstracter
  9. Aporia:Kāla:Ananta
    by Wolvserpent
  10. Possession
    by Christian Mistress
  11. Chasms
    by Lycus
  12. Serpent Temptation (Reissue)
    by Opprobrium
  13. To Your Death
    by Christian Mistress
  14. All Empires Fall
    by Tombs
  15. COFFINS / ILSA Split
    by Coffins
  16. Wrong
    by Wrong
  17. Restarter (Deluxe Version)
    by Torche
  18. Darkness Drips Forth
    by Hooded Menace
  19. Concrete Desert
    by The Bug vs Earth
  20. Slope
    by Steve Jansen
  21. Starspawn
    by Blood Incantation
  22. Chromaparagon
    by Moon Tooth
  23. Gensho
    by Boris & Merzbow
  24. UltraMantis Black s/t
    by UltraMantis Black
  25. Still They Pray
    by Cough
  26. Akróasis
    by Obscura
  27. Bill Cosby
    by Die Already
  28. The Curse That Is
    by Graves At Sea
  29. Atheistʼs Cornea
    by Envy
  30. A hunger rarely sated
    by Anopheli
    Rime Rime
    Heavy, emotionally packed, and amazing.

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  1. Black Christmas Evil ep
    by Acid Witch