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  1. Kirchbichl, Austria
  2. Ambient
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  1. Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
    by Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
    1-0-2 1-0-2
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  2. Medicine Box - 24 bit 96 kHz
    by Robert Rich
    Alba Alba
  3. Aquarium
    by Bucketheadland
    Aquarium Aquarium
  4. Taht El-Talab
    by Worsens
    Ghofran Ghofran
    Metal is not my main genre. But I've been into Queensryche, Annihilator and a few more since the 80s. Was looking for a real Arabic Metal band that I could like. Now I guess I found one. I don't know how much editing was done here... but considering the result, Magdy must be very talented anyway. Mix is a bit edgy, in this case I use mellow headphones :)
    This is a great, heavy album with soul. Good singing also. Very well done by all contributors.
  5. Secret gardens of Mind
    by Dvory
    Secret gardens of Mind Secret gardens of Mind
  6. Amas 30 April 2017 Live set
    by Eraldo Bernocchi
  7. Yersinia Dub
    by R0[nought]
    A Blackening Dub A Blackening Dub
    This is so unique. Mysterious sounds from the original topic mixed with old school dub/drum beats in the best way. Stimulating, relaxing, serious, ironic and a bit spooky, all in one. If this was Rock, it would be Type 0 Negative or Faith No More. Just my weird association :)
    People! Support artists you like. It's not about big amounts of money. It's about little signs of appreciation. I'm not the headteacher. Thanks.
  8. Telescape
    by Bucketheadland
    Pyramids Rising Pyramids Rising
  9. آكتئاب
    by DDENT
    Arzel Arzel
    The overall sound is full, warm and organic, mixed for listening more on the loud side, good for headphones. Cranked tube amp, punchy drummer. There is some doom, desert feeling. But the weight of the riffs and the harmonies deliver a general atmosphere of... positive melancholy, if you like. This album is complete and perfect the way it is - without vocals. Instead there is room for the listeners own interpretation.
  10. Fever Dreams III
    by Steve Roach
    Electro Erotic Electro Erotic
  11. Zerkalo
    by Robert Rich and Faryus
    Zerkalo Part 1 Zerkalo Part 1