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Phoebe Brown

  1. Val Verde, California
  2. Rock
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  1. Rock Star
    by Beatrix Sky
    pretty things pretty things
  2. Just Regular Girls EP
    by Babe Waves
    Lipstick Lipstick
  3. PUNKY DORY - the un-masturd trax 2007-2017
    wasted days wasted days
  4. Pieces I Left Behind
    by Cam Torrente
    The Wanderers The Wanderers
    When you meet somebody like Cam you can sense right away how passionate they are and it just resonates. I've been wanting to hear this album for awhile and it's everything I knew it would be and more: totally and completely beautiful. It makes me feel like I am laying in a meadow or sitting on a hill away from the rest of the world. I really appreciate music that can make me feel that way.