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  1. Nebuleth / Allfather Machine
    by Nebuleth
  2. Magical Might of the Luciferian Cosmos
    by Black Candle Purgatory
  3. Windows Of Your Heart
    by Haunt
  4. Hail The Voidlord
    by Whispers Of Umbar
  5. Yearn, Ye Feeble Stonecutters
    by Moss Troll
  6. The Weeping Everglades
    by Moss Troll
  7. In The Ashes Of A Fallen Empire
    by Üvegszakadás
  8. In Absentia Christi
    by MonumentuM
  9. Leytmotif Luzifer
    by Abigor
  10. Rudra Bhakti
    by Drought
  11. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
  12. Горе (Grief)
    by Sivyj Yar
  13. La Caduta di Phobos
    by Phobonoid
  14. Irrfärd
    by Ofdrykkja
  15. Seasons of Desolation
    by Enisum
  16. Dungeon Crawling Vol. I
    by Dungeon Crawler
  17. Lost Under The Stygian Shade
    by vuajtje
  18. The Entombed Wizard
    by Umbría
  19. In absentia
    by Careus
  20. Kingdom of Snakes
    by Downward Spiral