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  1. Exit to street only
    by abstractnoise
    The Calling The Calling
  2. splendom
    by bensnburner
    Autobahn Moments Autobahn Moments
    Deeply groovy music from Germany. Great bass, lovely synths, fine songs, lots of trombone!
  3. Remote Location
    by Scott McLemore
    Remote Location Remote Location
    contemporary jazz with personality, atmospheric music, great writing and playing
  4. Foreground Music, Vol. I
    by Jez Carr, Simon Little & Mike Haughton
    I I
    Relaxed, effortless sounding at times, atmospheric soundscapes
  5. Invenzioni
    by Steve Lawson and Mike Outram
    A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind
    Two of my favourite musicians get some studio time, improvise together for the first time without discussing what to play. What’s not to like?
  6. It Only Happens Once
    by Janek Gwizdala
    I actually bought the album though I initially downloaded the track by mistake, Janek sorted it for me. Sonicially wonderful, another gem from Janek!
  7. Live In NYC Dec 2011
    by Janek Gwizdala
    Tune In G Tune In G
    It grooves!
  8. Leaps of Faith
    by Cuong Vu 4-tet
    Body & Soul Body & Soul
    Intense and wonderful music that sounds unlike anything else - ethereal and beautiful at times
  9. #Cosecha
    by @FerIsella
    Chacarera de una sola nota Chacarera de una sola nota
    Out of Argentina Fer Isella’s music is experimental, beautiful and very accessible. Ranging from post-Miles jazz interaction to minimal piano ballad, from electronic sounds and folkloric elements to post-rock to atmospheric sung ballads, this is a record deserving a wider audience. Check it out!
  10. The Space In Between
    by Janek Gwizdala
    To Begin To Begin
    I really find it quite an emotionally affecting record. It gets you from the first. ‘To Begin’ has a gorgeous behind the beat neo-soul swing to it with Audun Waage’s laid back trumpet and Janek’s melodic soloing. ‘Bethany’ has a simple theme and a chord sequence, groove and development I just adored. Jojo Mayer drums wonderfully throughout. ‘Four Brothers’ is a burning way to end a record.
  11. Ghetto Heaven (mix 'n' rematch)
    by Sandra St. Victor's Sinner Child
    I love Sandra's music and adored the original...this remix takes it further and deeper...
  12. Slow Food
    by Steve Lawson and Trip Wamsley
    The Upward Spiral The Upward Spiral
    Two great musicians improvising beautifully. They both happen to play bass but you might not notice that.
    Breathtaking from the first note.
  13. Echo
    by Matt Stevens
    Burning Bandstands Burning Bandstands
    Wonderful record, everything builds just right...often to anthemic heights
  14. Ghost
    by Matt Stevens
    Into The Sea Into The Sea
    Heard once, the music lives forever in my head...
  15. Atmos Plays Waters
    by Rob Michael & the Atmos Trio
    Steve Steve
    You can hear just how much the musicians enjoy playing together
  16. We Are The Banzai Buddy Band!
    by The Banzai Buddy Band
    We Are The Banzai Buddy Band! We Are The Banzai Buddy Band!
    Shred-pocket calculators-Maths-dungeons and dragons-teenage genius-allergies...Genius!